Just A Question for Everyone?

Do you ever feel like you look better or worse than you normally do around certain people or when you're at certain places??I swear this has happened to me so many times. Especially in middle school. I really hated my school. No one was mean to me and I liked my teachers for the most part just fine but I really didn't like being there. I never liked the energy in that school for some reason. I swear sometimes I would look at myself in the mirror as I'm washing my hands in the girls bathroom and I would be like WTF! Who is that?? I still looked like me but I really looked like crap. Then I would go home and I looked so much better. I looked like my normal self even though I didn't do anything to "make myself look better". Also when I saw myself before I left for school I looked normal. But while I was at school I looked horrible.Also I noticed that around certain people I always look really pretty no matter what. And around others I look like crap no matter what. I feel like its because of my own energy around these people and places but its pretty cool. It just shows how much physical change is actually possible. c:I've talked to my BF about this before and he said that he noticed the same thing in himself especially at school. For him it was in high school.BTW I noticed this before I knew about LOA or anything. I knew nothing about this in middle school.So have any of you experienced anything similar???

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  • that makes sense!

  • Actually, its either that, that I feel like I look better or worse, AND sometimes it disrupts me staying in the feeling place of my desired appearance! frustrating, just happened and mostly happens when im around familly.. :/

  • yesssss! how strange ! lol

  • So true!!!

    I don't know what it is, I think certain people give off a negative, judgemental vibe that I can subconsciously feel.

    Strangely I find myself feeling my best about my appearance when I'm out clubbing! Happy strangers? haha

  • Hi hope c:


    Yess I know what you mean about the photos. This one person in particular does have nice pictures of me yet she only likes to show everyone bad pictures of me usually with my eyes closed or something. Lol I guess that's the image of me she likes to see. Even if those pictures are few and far between those are literally the only pictures she will put up of me. Haha So yeah I have a similar experience.

  • Very true around certain people I just feel completely drained it feels like I am nearly depleted of all my energy. It makes a huge difference. I feel the same way that I need to become stronger before I am able to be around those people without losing my energy. But I really rather just get them out of my "reality" all together.... Working on it. c:

  • Same here! This is why i try to avoid those people as well as I can until I'm confident enough to face them. Especially around family or school friends I feel that way. Seems like they pull you back to old patterns , which is not good when you try to change yourself.

  • oh my god the same thing happens to me everytime. there wasnt one day when i was looking good in school. i swear to god, always before school, i was looking pretty good and then in the mirrors of our school i looked like total crap and my pimples was so visible, i just looked horrible. and then, right away after coming home i looked pretty again and my face was clear again. and i even liked my school and people there. i guess it was because i thought people at school look at me like at ugly person. it's weird..

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