Just an inspiring story I found :)

So for everyone who needs a little inspiration, I found this on the secret site. I think it's amazinghow many things this girl changed. Enjoy!

The most inportant goal! HE!

By Mar.D
from Athens,GR

Thanks to you Rhonda and The Secret team! Now I have an amazing life full of joy! Every wish I make comes into reality. The low of attraction is simple and easy. I suggest to all of you to use it. The results are amazing. You can achieve everything you have ever imagine. :)

Goals that I attracted:
*The love of my life :D! We are couple since the 8th September and living our fairytale! He calls me a princess and I call him prince! He loves me like I love him and he is the one that I’m gonna marry when I grow up! We have the most perfect relationship EVER! Thank you!

*I have the perfect weight! I wanted a body like Blake Lively and here I am! It took me only 2 months without doing almost anything! It’s amazing! I have my perfect body! And I can eat whatever I want and stay skinny! Now I wear 26! Thank you!

*My height turned from 1,60 to my perfect 1,70! Now I am tall enough! Thank you!

*My eyes are blue green like my boyfriends! Like I wanted them to be! I love them! I love him! Thank you!

*My hair is long and healthy without any gap! It grew 6cm in 2.5 months! Also it is blonde with red highlights that I never had before! I did nothing just believed! Thank you!

*I have a clean and clear face without any effort! Thank you!

*I am the most social person I know! I get along with everyone! Everybody knows me and likes me! Thank you!

*I have the most amazing friends that lllooovvveee me, crazy! Thank you!

*My voice is really good now. I have my own band! Now I’m starting guitar lessons! I want to find an ibanez a200e! Thank you!

*I finally have my iphone 4 that I wanted sooo much! I love it! Thank you!

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