Just lost someone

So I hooked up with a guy and gave him a hickey on accident, and now he's not talking anymore I think he's really mad and annoyed at me because I did keep pestering him (I hate when people don't respond). Can anyone help me restore this "relationship"? I feel like this happens every time I hookup with someone, is there something wrong with me. I mean yeah I understand that vibration thing, but what can I do now? How can I make him respond in a positive manner now that I have fucked it up

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  • Lydia, it could have been cos of his work too.

    I kinda like it when a guy marks me.  Maybe I'm just weird like that.  I tell you that even though it's a bit TMI because some people get really turned on by stuff like getting hickeys and other things like that.  

    My ex boyfriend went to hickey my neck once but work would seen it and I am unfortunately in a "respectable" type of job UGH.  So I said no.  But I would never dump or ignore him - or anyone over it.  

    But of course I don't want work to know.

    I have an idea for you, it sounds like you maybe want to manifest a (pardon my language)

    fuck buddy?

    Am I right?

    Cos if so, i have a thread for you.  Actually, no, I don't.  I just remembered they only discuss it is it "good" or "bad."

    Anyway there are certainly things you can do to manifest this.

    you may want to include in the mix, that he loves to get hickeys.

    So, I think normal techniques like affirm it, imagine it and so on.

    Cos it sounds like something you'd like from what you have said, a yummy guy who thinks you are yummy too, likes to get hickeys, is great at sex, sexually compatible with you and just has lots of gorgeous sex regularly with you.  

    Does that sound like something you would like to attract.

    And, yes, include that in the mix too.  Be safe in bed, but do you want to be exclusive with each other or are you happy to both see others?  Either way, intend that too.

    LOA can be used for sex too, you know.

    There is NOTHING wrong with you!

    Here's a weird thought.  What do YOU think about hooking up?  You love it, but do you also have any resistance to it that might be part of the problem?

    Or would you prefer a stream of lovers to hook up with?

    You can manifest it either way, you know or even the fuck buddy AND other lovers - an open sexual relationship.

    Nothing wrong with you, this is a STUPID reason to stop responding.

    It sounds like you also want them to be someone who will chat to you after and will communicate their sexual needs, desires etc. to you and be assertive enough to tell you when they DON'T want a certain thing in bed.

    I'm often reluctant to speak so frankly but hey if it helps someone, even just a little, it's worth it.

    You COULD try Superman's techniques on him if you want to, yes.  Do it playfully though. 

  • I did that before with a guy. Nothing you can do really.

    If you love him try to use Superman techniques, if you don't love him. Let it go. He could just be giving you the silence treatment.   

  • You're so welcome, I'm glad I could help!! feel free to message me on here if you have any more questions or want to talk, I know exactly how you feel about these things :)

  • http://www.mindserpent.com/library/goddard/workbooks/1961_the_law_a...

    found it thank you! how is your vacation/was your vacation, Iris?



  • nooooo, guys, i dont want a relationship. i just want to be able to hold a consistent hookup relationships which i always seem to be losing.

    and he's mad because his guardians will see it and ask him about it

  • I don't know how to say this without coming across as horrible , so please keep in mind that I am not saying this to be mean or nasty. I do not know the full details between you and him so I can only advise you on what you have posted:
    If you meant something to him, he would have asked you to be his girlfriend already. It sounds like he just wants to hookup with you and that's it. His behaviour indicates that he has no intention of having a relationship or even a proper friendship with you. If I were you, I would cut off all contact with him and find someone who will treat you with the respect you deserve. Never be someone else's last choice - it's either first choice or nothing.
    If you want to talk more in depth about it then you're always welcome to send me a message :)
  • I told her, noone would be worrying about Hickeys if they weren't running around with other people. She needs to take a look at herself and reevaluate the types of guys.

  • Trust me when I say this, if a guy likes you it does not matter what you do he will make it work.
  • You have to think about why he cares so much that you gave him a hickey!? Most guys would sport tht lol kidding but they wouldnt be mad. He is either avoiding you because he does not want more hickeys which will get him caught meaning he has a gf, or other girls he likes more than you OR you did something else something he did not like besides the hickey.
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