Just lost someone

So I hooked up with a guy and gave him a hickey on accident, and now he's not talking anymore I think he's really mad and annoyed at me because I did keep pestering him (I hate when people don't respond). Can anyone help me restore this "relationship"? I feel like this happens every time I hookup with someone, is there something wrong with me. I mean yeah I understand that vibration thing, but what can I do now? How can I make him respond in a positive manner now that I have fucked it up

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  • You just made me laugh haha. Crazy guy!!!! Drew I sent you lots of love and positive energy!!!!
  • Great article! This guy knows what he's talking about.

  • What does this have to do with the story?

  • He was tall wasnt he? lol

  • I'll bet you get cheated on alot~

    Heres a thought. Why would a guy care about a hickey unless he was a player?

    He already has a girlfriend or at least girls he likes more than you. So why're you chasing someone that's shady? Look at the type of men you attract, and then decide what you want to do next.

  • Thanks Tricia!
  • Hi Lydia! A valuable resource would be the article by superman on the main forum, its called "there is no free will there is only faith-get your ex back". I think it's perfect for your situation right now!

  • Don't freak out, you'll make it worse! Concentrate and react only when you calm down. The hickey is not a reason to not talk to a person AT ALL. In a situation like this I'd give a cold apology and will try not to disturb the girl until she sincerely accept it. But that's me! Try only if you like it :)

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