Hey everyone, I am new here, and fairly new to LOA in general. 

I was reading some of Natalie's posts where she talks about how you have to know that your new body exists and is there, and that the seeing will come eventually.

I was wondering, how exactly do you know that? What is the theory or paradigm behind knowing that those six pack abs or 6 inches of height actually exist?

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  • Thanks guys. I am beginning to start by just trying to feel good about things, and focusing on things that make me feel good and build that momentum. At the same time, I am trying to find good in even the not-so-lovely. 

    Meanwhile, I will work on the visualization, and see how to work through doubts. Testimonials and success stories would help. 

    Natalie's method made me feel happy for like a day, then I just started having doubts about the method and then LOA in general. 

    Angie, you say you made your nose pointier? Was it wth Natalie's method?

  • Yea, a'ight. That's valid.

    I'm not trying to say "it has to be this way," or anything. Or that you have to do it a certain way, and all other methods won't work. Just expressing my own personal thoughts on the subject.

  • There isn't a paradigm. Some people are able to just trust like that.

    The main idea behind the method, the reason why it works, is because doing what she did made her feel such strong positive emotions with such little doubt. She truly, deeply felt she was tall and beautiful, and so naturally reality followed suit.

    But you can't force yourself. If Natalie's method doesn't make you feel strong positive emotions, then it's not working, and you can't force it to work by doing more, harder, longer, or whatever. The method is essentially useless to you. Perhaps if you read a bunch of weird physics books or whatever that had a believable theory you could trust then you could start feeling positive emotions, but there is another, easier way.

    If you are a doubter, then I would find another way to accumulate strong positive emotions. Just one possibility is find real things about your body that you like and truly believe deeply in your heart are amazing, and point them out daily, praise yourself (if it makes you feel good). Do things and wear things that make you feel confident, sexy, busty, tall (or however you want to look).

    My method (years ago) was simply taking selfies. This created strong positive emotions in me. It made me FEEL prettier, and guess what happened. Soon enough my face literally began to change to my delightful surprise and my sisters commented on it, and people online commented on it. I had no intentions to change my face. I felt a vibration and the universe brought me a reality to match. I didn't know to use LOA. It's just working all of the time.

    Basically do whatever you have to do to feel GOOD.

    Different methods are just tools to get to the same place.

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