Lamentations and Rebirth

It's been a while since I've last posted. I took a long break from trying to attract my desired appearance, since hopelessness had enveloped me completely. Truth be told, I felt miserable when I was met with no results. However, I feel no better in doing nothing either. At least, when I was trying, I was putting in effort. At least I stood a chance at manifesting the appearance I desire.

And so, I've decided to try again. I'll be starting with trying to change my hair color from brown to jet black.

It's what I want most. 

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  • Sorry for the late reply.No way!! U changed your eyes? That's awesome! how much time did u do this visualisation till u saw results? and did u looked at mirrors? and do u think it's possible for very dark brown eyes turn to bleu? Or at least hazel?
    this success of yours should give u confidance don't give up. Maybe remember more what u exactly did before, or maybe u have fears and doubts that hindering u? I would suggest something, why don't u dye your hair black? It will help u more with believing and seeing your hair black, and then u can say my hair changed to black. I mean hair color is not that hard to change but eyes are a big deal u should be proud of yourself. is parked
    • Oh, it's quite alright. Yes, I managed to change my eyes. My eyes took three days or so, though I found that I began dreaming of having grey eyes for around a year before the change. I'm not sure why I wanted grey eyes, I just knew that I did. I was detached from it, wanting but not desperate. I would look at mirrors and imagine my eyes as grey. I would visualize taking my body, with the only definite feature being my eyes, and would then  imagine another body, one with grey eyes. I would walk through the other body and absorb it, and through absorbing it, my eyes would change to grey. I'm certain that dark brown eyes can become blue or hazel. My old eyes were green, so the change to grey was not as large.

      Thank you. Regarding my hair, I know I have fears. I used to dye my hair black actually, and loved it very much, but I developed a severe allergy to hair dye a few years ago. Unfortunately, the allergic reaction left my head covered in oozing sores and killed my hair. It also left my scalp very sensitive to sunlight for around two years. I couldn't  tolerate any sunlight on my head without experiencing violent pain and itching.

      I find that hair color is far more difficult then eye color. I'm not sure why though.

      Thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated.

      Best of luck with your transformation journey. 

  • My technique is relatively simple. Since I'm trying to change my hair color to black, I'll look at a picture of black hair and then visualize myself with my hair being black instead of brown, all while telling myself that my true hair color is now black. I used this technique with my eyes a few years ago, and I was able to change their color from green to grey. 

  • Can you please tell me your technique?
  • Because alignment is all you need, you've already been given what you desire :-)

    • What interesting ideas you have. There is some truth to them, certainly.

    • Some? Up to you ;-)

    • Yes, some. I agree with your ideas regarding the simplicity of manifestation for some people, but by no means have I been given what I desire. 

    • Unfortunately, its human nature to want to focus on something you don't have until you have it. What Climber101 said sounds very simple, but our minds have so much trouble accepting that. 

    • That's quite true.

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