Lamentations and Rebirth

It's been a while since I've last posted. I took a long break from trying to attract my desired appearance, since hopelessness had enveloped me completely. Truth be told, I felt miserable when I was met with no results. However, I feel no better in doing nothing either. At least, when I was trying, I was putting in effort. At least I stood a chance at manifesting the appearance I desire.

And so, I've decided to try again. I'll be starting with trying to change my hair color from brown to jet black.

It's what I want most. 

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    • But that doesn't mean we lose faith, we can most certainly exercise our brains to overlook negativity it doesn't have to take years to do that. Just be aware of your feelings and try your best to have faith. 

    • I believe I can manage to do that. Thank you. 

  • Perhaps you should just stop trying, and putting in "effort". It's about enjoying, loving... not trying, getting or achieving. If it doesn't feel good or feels like a task, stop. It's our instict to want to have control over things, to make it more tangible I guess... 

    You could ask once for what you want and NEVER ever be bothered to even think about it again.. oh, sounds too simple? Its because most of us think that techniques gradually materialize our desires, and if you believe this (even though it may have worked for you) you are a masochist!! What a not-fun, tedious and way of trying to get into alignment! lol

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