Life Hack

Hi everyone,

I am about to embark on a giant life hack, an entry into a complete new realm. I have tried to do this several times before but I think if a group of us could get together and inspire and help eachother it might focus us. I would like to say that although I have tried this many times before (sort of a version of Natalie's technique) Rise, who makes the subliminals gave me the nudge that I needed to try it again. Hopefully she will join us on this thread. 

OK so as I said I have tried Natalie's technique so many times before and I get into a weird space. As she used a method of constant visualisation what I find happens is that the technique causes me to tried too hard, makes me focused and obsessed and then doesnt work so what I am going to be doing is a version of this: I shall be 'entering into my new realm' at specific points during my day thorugh various methods and then the rest of the time I wont focus on any of it, wont think about my appearance for example or the struggles that I face with my studies etc. For those portions of time I will focus on feeling good etc.

So what I plan to do, listen to subliminals (MIND POWER ones seem to be working for me great)  (I find they calm me as I know my sub conscious mind is doing stuff 'behind the scenes')

The passion bomb method / prayer (I am religious however, that's not my focus, I am hoping to chat with people from all differents beliefes and afaiths and non-faiths :)))) ) 


If I feel guided to include other things I will let you know. I am focusing on a whole new me, different appearance, different life experiences, blessed relationships with people and new talents and abilities.

I will try to update as much as I can. I am hoping this is the day that it all comes together

For those who are joining me good luck.

Love and blessings guys <3

Julie :)


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  • Good luck!
  • OK so update: 

    My presentation was easily the worse I have ever given! WOW!! However, I intend to use this to make me more focused on to be more disciplined with the subs. I have another next week and I will let you guys know how it goes. How are your efforts coming along?

  • The self-sabotage subliminal is fantastic! It has helped me become a productivity badass like nothing else. 

  • OK so my recent updates:
    I am really struggling to get into the other realm, the parallel reality however it is simply because I have had no time to practice the techniques (which I really do know work very well) so it is my focus this week to try to make sure I at least do some of them every day. I have been listening to subs quite a bit though as I have had a lot of work to do on the PC and can just let them run in the background...

    OK so I have had some progress:

    Mainly I have been feeling calm and easy about the transformation process. It's like I know that I am becoming the person that I was always meant to be. This is a massive step as I have lots of guilt issues around manifesting good things in my life.

    I think I may be feeling more sharper (I have been listening to the intelligence sub)

    My dreams are clearer and I remember them more (Again Intelligence sub)

    My hair seems a little darker (Midnight blue black hair sub)

    I feel less afraid of certain aspects of my work. I have to give a massive presentation on Tuesday. I was very very scared but since using the self-sabbotage sub I am less worried. I will let you know how it goes

    I may have improved bodyshape (victoria secret sub) but it is only slight so i will let you know

    Hope you are all going good and that you transformations are coming along well
  • wow this sounds great <3 I like that you're going beyond looks and focusing on everything in general, kinda like making a completely new, fulfilling life or becoming a new person :D This is very motivating to read as I've been wanting to do something like this too, I'll start as well =)

    best of luck to you both
  • It's great to hear that you are experiencing some success.... What succeses have you experienced?

    I have only been using them for a few weeks but so far

    I feel like I can think clearly (Using Intelligence part one)

    It seems my hair may be getting in better condition and a bit darker (Midnight blue black)

    I feel a tiny bit taller (5'8'' sub) 

    I am using some other general ones. Its weird because they say in the sub community that you shouldnt be able to hear the voices. Ages ago when I was listening to subs I had a hunch that for me the best ones would be where you could hear lots of clashing voices but I ignored my gut and continued with the quieter ones. The Mind power comes forward with the same theory that I had... I really believe that we have to listen to ourselves if we can because we always know what will get us there the quickest and best way ... everyone is different

    Well done again on the success so far!!! WHOOOPPP

      1. A little bit of height (maybe 1inch, maybe greater, haven't measured). It goes back and forth though. 
      2. Healing a scar on the side of my nose that would not heal with anything else; this is the most obvious demonstration of these videos working. I had used laser, injections, dermabrasion, needling and nothing has worked as quickly and as effectively as these videos. 
      3. I've become more attractive.
      4. My skin is healing from eczema and a newly persistent rash on my legs/arms. 
      5. Decrease in body hair (a vain one for me--I admit--but I decided to try it and hair is definitely growing back much much slower, if at all.

      Other (less tangible things): Cosmic energy (I do feel more connected and recently discovered Kundalini meditations, it's like things are aligning subconsciously); Stop Self-sabotage (I have honestly never been more drive and focused to complete my goals--I have become incredibly disciplined in a matter of weeks relative to myself before); Emotional healing (this video and any other emotion ones including wish chakra are ABSOLUTELY essential in making you feel better and releasing emotional blocks). 

      Things not working or are difficult to quantify (yet): Insomnia (I really need this to work lol), Draconic Energy affinity (this actually might be working, but I haven't felt any of the 'supernatural' effects yet), height (some days I feel taller, some days I feel the same, but I think it's because this is a deeply rooted insecurity). Intelligence - I went to a top-tier school and have always found intelligence difficult to quantify and measure within myself and within others. There are many forms of intelligence and these forms don't manifest consistently from one person to another (i.e. EQ, IQ, SQ etc.)

      I've become more good looking consistently since high school after going through a severe ugly duckling face. What is interesting is I also developed wavy hair. Both are things I didn't experience when I was young, but wanted desperately. I somehow ended up with both. Since senior year of college, I've come to accept that I am very attractive, but strangely enough, this only happened after I got high and remembered in retrospect how many people over the past few years had said I was very attractive/gorgeous etc. Then I took a look in the mirror and it hit me, "Woah, I'm actually very good looking." However, this happened late in my life and I have never really taken advantage of my physical beauty. Therefore, I am predisposed to slip back into my negative way of thinking at times when I think I'm absolutely awful looking (I have exotic features). 

      It's strange how the beliefs of others can impact your own and be very different from your own. I've actually wondered if other people might see me differently physically than how I see myself. Now I am trying to "own" and believe in my attractiveness and fix up some minor flaws (asymmetry, eyes, scar, make myself look a bit more masculine)...and it's working. I had some severe doubts when I first started, but the doubts decrease day by day.  

      I think people who are beautiful, believe they are beautiful, whether by seeing their good-looking parents, or having their self-esteem supported by others. I believe that we are not just a composite of our own beliefs, but the beliefs of others in us that impress themselves on us throughout time. 

      I also believe that if you are already good-looking or have the beginnings of a feature you want (nice dimples, slender frame, whatever), it will be much much easier to manifest a more extreme version of that. I think that's why I've had fast results with the attractiveness and skin ones. 

      A few things I believe about this all:

      • Read as much as you can about the subconscious mind, metaphysics, and meditation. I recommend Joseph Murphy's book as a starter. Then Holographic Universe. There are tons out there. Each thing you learn will aid your belief this is all real. 
      • Collect success stories. I haven't been great about this, but I do have some saved, including one from this forum where a guy changed his look to match a model he liked, including height. 
      • Keep a journal of your spiritual journey. This is a spiritual journey. Altering your physical appearance is intertwined with your spiritual growth, which means you will need to face emotional blocks and difficulties. Write your feelings/doubts/etc. in this journal and your experiences from day to day. Write all SYNCHRONICITIES. This book will give you faith. 
      • I have written affirmations about everything I want to achieve (ideal body, mind, and spirit) and I read these every day and try to imagine the emotion of each one coming true.
      • Do not compare yourself to others in a negative way. Be inspired by them. I noticed a few weeks ago I met with an attractive guy taller than me and I immediately thought to myself, "I admire his looks and height. I'm going to be that tall very soon." Before all of this, I would compare myself to others and feel negatively. I noticed my appearance changed as well and got worse in proportional to my feelings.
      • Meditate daily and work on visualization. If you aren't good at it--that's fine--but meditation is the beginning of all manifestation, spiritual, and psychic development. People who have consistent results achieving their desires are spiritually and psychically developed whether they know it or not. Most people need to train themselves. Begin today. I recommend watching guided meditation videos on YouTube, although now I can do it by myself.
      • Emotional cleansing is necessary - You will experience, as part of this entire awakening, understanding of yourself, your weaknesses, and past tribulations you have buried within you. These all need to be released in order to move forward. Meditation and subliminals will help. 
      • Do not give up. Most people give up after a few weeks or months. I did too a few years ago and didn't come back until last year when I sunk into a very bad depression regarding love for myself and my identity. Mind Power says that some days you go forward and some days you go back. It is totally true. Some days I feel taller. Some days I feel more attractive. Other days I feel less so. But if you keep going, past the emotional cleansing that will happen, you will feel more positive than negative. 
      • My other hypotheses: Sleep is important (you develop spiritually and psychically when you sleep); kindness and compassion to yourself and others is paramount; drugs drain your energy (I have experienced this first-hand) and will impair manifestation; certain drugs like LSD can make you feel your ideal state, though, including physical manifestation if you want to see what's possible (I don't recommend doing it more than once though). Masturbation and sex must be heavily regulated. You are also wasting energy through these mechanisms. 
      • Participate in the The Great Spiral of Awakening: All of this takes a great deal of self-control and many leaps of faith, but the more you keep reading about metaphysics, organ regeneration, and the success of others, the more you will believe. If you want it badly enough, you will be led to future success. The more you believe, the more you achieve, the more you achieve, the more you believe, and the faster future manifestations will come. But I believe we are all connected in this and the more we read and see success, the more we will believe it is within us all. Therefore, if you have experienced any type of success, IT IS PARAMOUNT that you share it with others, for your own belief (writing it makes it real and makes others add to your isolated belief system) and the growing belief of others. Heh, once we start seeing real-life superheroes on the news (psychics, healers, etc.) left and right, the entire world will shift at an exponential rate. 
    • WOW!!!! Sorry for the delay in replying! What an amazing and thorough response. I think the most difficult thing I am facing is trying to stay in 'another' realm. I am pretty busy with my work at the moment and so I am literally struggling to find time to do the techniques that i have outlined. However, I have managed to in the large part stick with the subs and I will share my experiences with them below. I think it's going to be essential for me to avoid mirrors. As it is to tempting to focus on this reality when I look in them. I think I need to make sure I am focusing on meditation more! I completely agree with you when you say it really is the beginning of all manifestation. I am not super good at visualisation tbh. How do I develop that?

      WOW I love you manifestations so far! Well done!!!! I am beyond pleased for you!

      I am very interested int he part where you talk about Draconic Energy affinity. When you say it might be working what do you mean? I find that really super interesting... I particularly love all the supernatural stuff.

      Also do you do anything in particular when listening to subs? DO you listen to the boosters etc.

    • Nice congrats! I'm using the 5'8 sub too. grown like a cm maybe. Which sub you used for scar? 

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