Life Hack

Hi everyone,

I am about to embark on a giant life hack, an entry into a complete new realm. I have tried to do this several times before but I think if a group of us could get together and inspire and help eachother it might focus us. I would like to say that although I have tried this many times before (sort of a version of Natalie's technique) Rise, who makes the subliminals gave me the nudge that I needed to try it again. Hopefully she will join us on this thread. 

OK so as I said I have tried Natalie's technique so many times before and I get into a weird space. As she used a method of constant visualisation what I find happens is that the technique causes me to tried too hard, makes me focused and obsessed and then doesnt work so what I am going to be doing is a version of this: I shall be 'entering into my new realm' at specific points during my day thorugh various methods and then the rest of the time I wont focus on any of it, wont think about my appearance for example or the struggles that I face with my studies etc. For those portions of time I will focus on feeling good etc.

So what I plan to do, listen to subliminals (MIND POWER ones seem to be working for me great)  (I find they calm me as I know my sub conscious mind is doing stuff 'behind the scenes')

The passion bomb method / prayer (I am religious however, that's not my focus, I am hoping to chat with people from all differents beliefes and afaiths and non-faiths :)))) ) 


If I feel guided to include other things I will let you know. I am focusing on a whole new me, different appearance, different life experiences, blessed relationships with people and new talents and abilities.

I will try to update as much as I can. I am hoping this is the day that it all comes together

For those who are joining me good luck.

Love and blessings guys <3

Julie :)


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    • Mind Powers Stretch mark and Scar removal as well as her supernatural skin! Let me know if it helps you. 

    • Thanks for the reply!! i believe they work better when listened during sleep.

  • Good luck! I have been using MP's subs for 1.5 months now and have experienced some results (but I'm using 20 videos, many of them overlap) and expect it will take some time. You're so right when you mention that it is calming to listen to them knowing your subconscious is working behind the scenes. I don't even have to worry about the changes. 

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