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The Dream to Transform


I have recently joined the forum but have been aware of the Law of Attraction for several months now. Each day I seek to learn more information in order to achieve my dreams.

My main desire revolves around my body, which I've had many issues wit

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A fresh start in the LoA

Hello everyone. 

This is my first post that I've started on this website. I'dd like to share my story with all of you and also get some advice from more expiremented people.

My name is Ingrid, I'm 18, from Fance, and I've been using the law of Atractio

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How to Love What You Want to Change

I know loving something you want to change is hard, but it's imperative you do so in order for that thing to change! So I came up with some examples that might help others!

I suggest reading through all of it, not only the one that applies to you beca

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The Tips and Tricks

SO I was thinking for a while, we don't have a post about the little tips and tricks we use to get ourselves at the vibration of our desire. I want this to help people realize that they already have their desire, even if they can't see it yet! So her

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Body morphing

Hi there! First post on this site! I am wondering if anyone has experience in morphing body parts/ facial features, even just subtly. I obviously don't want to look like a whole different person, but an enhanced version of myself and in my mind it se

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Just an inspiring story I found :)

So for everyone who needs a little inspiration, I found this on the secret site. I think it's amazinghow many things this girl changed. Enjoy!

The most inportant goal! HE!

By Mar.D
from Athens,GR

Thanks to you Rhonda and The Secret team! Now I have an am

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