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Changing other people's appearance

Hi everyone,

Recently I stumbled across a page on the web about 'Remote Influence', the information/testimonial on the page read that a man was able to increase his partner's breast size by listening to a certain tape and visualising his girlfriend's

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Question about hair?

I made another post about enhancing the way my hair looks. However, I didn't realize that I failed at properly taking care of my hair until now. It's completely damaged, I have tons of split ends, and it's very stiff. Now I may have to cut two inches

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I changed the shape of my nose

I'm really glad to say that I managed to change the shape of my nose

It had a small bump that made it look kind of "hawky"I guess you can say. I didn't like it and couldn't even look at myself by profile without feeling bad. Even though I knew about t

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Face structure and body weight! :)

So I personally think I'm pretty but of course just like anyone else here I'd like to improve myself. I moved this summer and am I heading back. I'd like to make my nose smaller, change the shape of my lips, slim my face down, makes my eyes larger, a

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Whiten Your Teeth ?

What do you recommend I do ? Can the law of attraction help if I have add a belief like " I have white teeth or my teeth are pure white and healthy" ? Let's hear your recommendation.

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"I don't know" affirmations

Hi guys, SORRY SORRY for posting so much here, but I recently got an idea to do "I don't know" affirmations.

So our beliefs are in our subconscious minds and we have access to our subconscious minds when we sleep or don't pay attention. So I made audi

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Beliefs and Reality

So I've been seeing a lot about changing reality with beliefs and such; I want to see just HOW MUCH we can change.

The idea that I got from reading the forums here is that we live in dimensions and our thoughts create new dimensions every time (?) so

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Natalie's Technique

Hello everyone!

Although I'm a new member, I heard about Natalie and her technique. Also I became a fan of her. Can believe this, she was a member at year 2009 and people are still talking about her? I think she is a legend. She became my idol. I wond

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