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How to Love What You Want to Change

I know loving something you want to change is hard, but it's imperative you do so in order for that thing to change! So I came up with some examples that might help others!

I suggest reading through all of it, not only the one that applies to you beca

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The Tips and Tricks

SO I was thinking for a while, we don't have a post about the little tips and tricks we use to get ourselves at the vibration of our desire. I want this to help people realize that they already have their desire, even if they can't see it yet! So her

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Success with hair colour

I used to have chestnut hair. A week ago my sister asked if I had coloured my hair.  I said no that I had coloured it several months ago and that colour was already gone. I forgot about it but few days ago, when I was at my hairdresser, she said that

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Eye Color - again!


i noe this has been discussed extensively in the past, but I didn't find the previous discussions helpful.  so i have been trying to change my eye color for the past 4 months.  I would do a combination of belief that I have blue eyes (my eyes

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