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The Dream to Transform


I have recently joined the forum but have been aware of the Law of Attraction for several months now. Each day I seek to learn more information in order to achieve my dreams.

My main desire revolves around my body, which I've had many issues wit

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Changing other people's appearance

Hi everyone,

Recently I stumbled across a page on the web about 'Remote Influence', the information/testimonial on the page read that a man was able to increase his partner's breast size by listening to a certain tape and visualising his girlfriend's

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Face structure and body weight! :)

So I personally think I'm pretty but of course just like anyone else here I'd like to improve myself. I moved this summer and am I heading back. I'd like to make my nose smaller, change the shape of my lips, slim my face down, makes my eyes larger, a

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Success changing face features!

 Hi everyone! I was here a few months ago I think, but I didn't post a lot because I was really busy. I'm still busy with tons of things, but I HAD to tell you what happened yesterday. 

A few months ago I had the urge of being more attractive. I liked

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