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what to do?? :( [UPDATE 1/13/16]

hi guys. so im still attracting height. . . .

my height was recently checked and i havent grown at all. . . ( 5'1)

and lately everyone has been commenting on my height and calling me short and stuff :\

i talked to my doctor about it and she told me to "

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Am I doing something wrong?

I'm going to be at least 5'4. Currently i'm 5'0.

For about a month and a half I've been doing stretches and listening to subliminal videos for growth, and "feeling" tall. I occasionally wear heels to put me into that feeling good feeling tall place. a

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Just an inspiring story I found :)

So for everyone who needs a little inspiration, I found this on the secret site. I think it's amazinghow many things this girl changed. Enjoy!

The most inportant goal! HE!

By Mar.D
from Athens,GR

Thanks to you Rhonda and The Secret team! Now I have an am

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