...this process, alone, at the VERY least, will aid you tremendously in ceasing FURTHER negative momentum/manifestation with regard to physical appearance -- or anything, really.

You can apply this to your appearance, your bank account, your partner, your environment, etc.


See something you like (SEARCH for it if necessary; there's always something).

Look away.

Repeat indefinitely.

(You can "Look"/Observe for longer periods once the positive momentum has sufficiently amassed -- culminating into positive manifestation -- and you are capable of sustaining your gaze without introducing negative momentum/manifestation.)

This may not be the "cure-all" or the "Ultimate Manifestation Technique," but I reiterate: It WILL assist you in SIGNIFICANTLY lessening or at the VERY LEAST ceasing to introduce further negative momentum. ...Which, like, matters, duh.

Often this "technique" is the only thing keeping me sane/breathing.

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  • I had a similar thing I do, but I think I use this 1 on looks. For events I just say random things I'm great full for just to stay feeling good, then I space out and not focus what's going on around me
  • I had a brown mark on my face due to the progesterone supplements I was taking. I felt awful about it, and the worse I felt, the worse it seemed to get. But then I kind of forgot about it and focused on something else, and suddenly I noticed it has almost completely gone.

  • I may have to try this, thank you x

  • So are you now back on track with increasing height?
    Also, how long did the first inch take?
  • Hi, Morgan...Could you tell me what things have you be able to change? and permanently and how? Thanks!

    • I've been able to increase my height at least about an inch, but when I focused on it and obsessed on it, I lost the increase. I kept checking every day and comparing my height to others. 

      Permanence I think will come as long as you persist with the visualizations.

      On the flip side, I kept paying attention to a scar after it had begun to fade naturally due to LOA and my focus on other things. When I started focusing on it again, it came back. 

      This stuff is very hard--but I think you have to really ignore the thing you're trying to fix and just sell yourself to complete faith it is fixed NOW. Act as if it is fixed and do not slip up once on your visualizations. 

    • Morgan, I experienced this too. My hair was falling off like crazy that I had a bald spot. I was so obsessed over it until I don't know when the problem's gone. I was struggling for years and trying every way to find treatment for hair loss. But nowadays my hair falls normally less than 10 hairs a day after I stopped thinking about it for a while.

      I have recently healed my hives ( skin allergy) too. I had it when I didn't sleep well and was stressed out so much and then bam! they came and it was the worst. It took anti-histamine everyday until I felt like I could not stand the side effect anymore. So one night I decided to have a talk with my body "please heal itself naturally. I'm sorry I did not take care of you well. I learned my lesson. Thank you for warning me to love myself but now please heal..." and I stopped being stressed out about it. I stopped caring if the hives would come or not. I focused on something else. Now its been almost a week that I don't have a single itchy spot.

      You're right that the hardest part is to ignore the thing you're trying to fix. The cure happens when you're no longer obsessed or pay attention to it. So weird but so cool lol

    • Being brutally honest with yourself (your body) and asking for forgiveness works miraculously.

    • Yeah being brutally honest with myself. Thats how I did it Soham :)

  • Bingo!

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