...this process, alone, at the VERY least, will aid you tremendously in ceasing FURTHER negative momentum/manifestation with regard to physical appearance -- or anything, really.

You can apply this to your appearance, your bank account, your partner, your environment, etc.


See something you like (SEARCH for it if necessary; there's always something).

Look away.

Repeat indefinitely.

(You can "Look"/Observe for longer periods once the positive momentum has sufficiently amassed -- culminating into positive manifestation -- and you are capable of sustaining your gaze without introducing negative momentum/manifestation.)

This may not be the "cure-all" or the "Ultimate Manifestation Technique," but I reiterate: It WILL assist you in SIGNIFICANTLY lessening or at the VERY LEAST ceasing to introduce further negative momentum. ...Which, like, matters, duh.

Often this "technique" is the only thing keeping me sane/breathing.

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  • I have noticed that the less I pay attention to the things I want to change, the more rapidly they change--and the opposite too--when I focus on a problem, it becomes larger

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