Losing weight with pure intention?


Here's my first post here teehee!

I'm curious as to how you can lose weight with pure intention? Do you have any successes in losing weight and gaining a lean body with just pure intention?

I've heard about cell-talking and many methods, have anyone tried with great successes?

I wish to reach my perfect weight! I have joined physical activities and cut down my intake of food recently and have problem visualising myself at the end weight. How do I do that?

I will attract and manifest replies to this topic! :DDDD

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  • Thank you! I'll check out and update you guys once I've more progress ! :D

  • Some of many weight loss stories I found on The Secret website. These people lost weight with pure intention. There are many other stories there just go to secret stories and then choose the health tag.







  • that's awesome! congrats :) Are you meditating/ visualizing? Just curious on what your technique is :)

    • I realised that letting go is really important in losing weight with intention.

      When I just started this post I have always been self conscious, always wondering why my perfect body is not here yet. I realised after a period of time this is just telling the universe, 'wait, I am not ready for the perfect body yet!'

      Another thing I did was to change my diet... I've read somewhere that the energy that helps you to manifest can be determined by the food you eat- I turned my diet to predominantly vegan food not really because of that but more because of a certain documentary I watched and I've decided to lead a predominantly cruelty-free lifestyle instead.

      I didn't really workout too, except for dance practice from my school club- I think I have done about 6 hours of dance weekly? Apart from that I've just been rotting at home since it's the holidays now :)

      I think it's good to visualise, to motivate you during your workouts and to eat with pure energy I guess, but do not be too persistent and set a deadline to when you will reach your perfect body. :)

      Hope this helped!  

  • Here's a little update! :D

    Both my friends and my mum (who always noticed when I grew fatter) noticed I've lost quite a bit of weight. Idon't really feel it but I really thank the universe for me reaching my perfect weight really soon!

    My friend even convinced me that I've lost weight and when I went back, I really lost! Incredible how amazing the universe is :)

  • Congrats Selene , you see , easy :)

  • Hi there :) I teach manifesting weight loss and one of the MAJOR things I have found is that your relationship with food is SO important. You probably notice that people who eat whatever they want and don't gain weight don't get guilty about what they are eating. I believe when you are feeling guilty (like "I shouldn't eat this") while you are eating, you are more likely to gain weight. That guilty feeling is our higher self disconnecting from us telling us that we're not thinking thoughts that are in alignment with what we want. Visualization is very important as well, but feeling good about your program TO lose weight is what I teach as what should be your #1 priority. Does that make sense?

  • Here's a reply!

    So... so far I've lost 1.32 kg within a few weeks!

    I wasn't really dieting or anything, I just kept up with my dance practise (about once-twice a week?) these few weeks.

    Went to the gym to work out just now and happened to saw it!

    Thank you universe! I'll reach my perfect weight very very very soon!

  • Serene , its totally possible .



  • Oh!

    I was wondering if it is possible to reach my perfect weight with only my intention, without dieting or exercising... are there any success stories? :)

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