Losing weight with pure intention?


Here's my first post here teehee!

I'm curious as to how you can lose weight with pure intention? Do you have any successes in losing weight and gaining a lean body with just pure intention?

I've heard about cell-talking and many methods, have anyone tried with great successes?

I wish to reach my perfect weight! I have joined physical activities and cut down my intake of food recently and have problem visualising myself at the end weight. How do I do that?

I will attract and manifest replies to this topic! :DDDD

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  • personally i believe it depends on focussing on the feeling of being slim and fit instead of focussing on numbers depicting weight loss. If you continue focussing on how you will feel when you reach the stage of satisfaction with your body , you will have less resistance. otherwise we are prone to self sabotage by stressing about what to eat, or the weighing machine not reflecting the desired results, we loose the focus on our intention and instead worry and lower our frequency. Thats what worked for me , by focussing on that intention of satisfaction i managed to keep my urges away, ate healthy food. exercised whenever i wanted to. and it did't seem like an effort. When the mind is focussed on something beyond the details, they take care of themselves. 

    hope that helps :)

  • too gud
    u sound as it was a cup of tea for u
    grt !!
    can u share ur way of tonned arms n belly...too ??
    • To be honest, I think the essence for me was just to let go ;)

      Sometimes when I feel good, I imagine how great it is for people to compliment me for my body, but I didn't visualise which part haha. When daily life got to me, I just let go, and concentrated on the things I have to do (was real busy with college and stuff). It's just that easy :D

    • thnks...:))
  • Have a little update with you guys :)

    My mum, who is ever so critical of my body, actually asked me how I got my arms so toned, when I've not hit the gym in a few months. I just simply told her it's magic ;D *wink wink*

    There was another case of my friend (one of whom I mentioned in this thread whom i mentioned before) actually talked to me in a serious mood and say "Eh, you've been getting thinner and thinner. Are you okay?" and thought I prob have ED or sthm (to clarify, I don't look malnourished or anything lol). I just told him the number of meals I ate everyday and laughed off and asked him not to worry. If you asked the amount of food I eat- it's seriously downright scary. I can eat breakfast and two hours later I'd be hungry again. Haha.

    Now I feel soooooo good about my body. I hope to see more changes- my stomach got flatter, I can see the line seperating the top ab(?) and I can feel my heart shaped ab coming out yayyy! Now I just need my legs to grow longer. Heh <3 Now though I need to concentrate on mmanifesting a good boyfriend. Idk where to start tho :(

  • Ahhaha, I don't believe in dieting as in depriving yourself of good food in any way... I'm a complete and utter foodie! I love tasty and beautiful food, and cooking too :D

    I do like to make healthy food choices, which I think is a fine thing. But more often than not I end up just eating regular stuff :P
  • @Serene - when other people see it, and they compliment you on it, it's real - trust me :)
    It's amazing how our critical minds tend to believe so strongly and hold on to the negative remarks from others, yet easily dismiss and not believe the compliments. :)

    Be happy, and continue thinking thin. You are thin now, always remember that.
  • oh that's great congrats, what did you do? visualisation?

    • It was quite a long process for me(not like I just woke up the next morning and BAMMM perfect bodayyy!). 

      I think having a deep belief that you are already what you want to manifest is very important. When I look myself in the mirror, I would think of cutting and pasting a certain VS model's body to my body and if not I would imagine my problem areas being toned (eg. my thighs and tummy). If I find myself unable to visualize, I would just close my mirror and not visualize.

      More importantly, I think it's important to have the belief that everything you eat will make you the perfect body.. For example, when I'm eating fast food I wouldn't think "Oh my gawd, I'm so gonna gain n pounds later for this.". Rather, I think of it as 'Wow, I'm so grateful for this delicious food that I'm going to eat." To be questionably honest, I've eaten a lot of carby starchy foods which would have defied the logic of weightloss/ toning. So I do believe LOA is true.

      To be absolutely truthful, I did not force myself to visualise or to exercise when I do not feel like it. The only form of exercise I have gotten so far was my dance practices which was 2-3 times a week at most. I do believe this is part of letting go process :)

      I find myself questioning if my friends are really true in telling that I look like I lost a lot of weight and I realise that I might be slowing down the process of LOA in helping me achieve manifestational reality. Like I would go "Oh really?! O.O I don't feel it. Are you sure I looked like I've lost a bunch of weight?"

      Hope if anyone can give advice on that?

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