• Yeah!  I always want to wake up looking how I want to right after dreaming about it.  I want that to happen even if I dream of other stuff!  Creating stuff through lucid dreaming just sounds so cool :)

  • ", whereas in the waking world, things take time to manifest whether it be 1 week, 1 to 3 months or even 1 year"

    This is a belief, i bet that most peoples already did have a though and afterthe thing they thought appeared instantly,  like a phone call, or a parking space, this happens with small things, but when is a big thing the person bring they beliefs to the table hence the reason why things delay.

    If you can manifest something small fast you also can manifest big things, for example, "i want 1 cent", you can see it appear easily in your reality, but if you say " i want see 10.000" then you will start blocking it with a bunch of couter intentions " how this cn happens?", "i have to work to make it happens" "i am not a luck person"

    You person have a bunch mental limitation, the real you have not.

    Soory if its out of topic.

  • This is a very interesting, broad discussion imo. I would really like to perhaps experiment with this once I learn to lucid dream. Great question, whitepeony

  • I've started to practice lucid dreaming recently!  I'm still in relatively early stages because I'm only just starting to see myself (in my reflection in the mirror or something) as how I want to look in the dreams.  I think lucid dreaming can be extremely effective for changing how you look and everything else, too.  It's like laying a foundation for your subconscious mind so it can make you much more receptive to getting what you want.

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