Make a wish for yourself

With #loa every freaking thing is possible.So let's make a wish as you have the power greater than your imagination and your imagination is the only limit. Thus push yourself, take your imagination for a ride, bring out the child in you and make a wish. A wish which will make every cell in your body go wooooooooooooooW.Let me start first:#1 I wish I can move any object in the world as I pleased.#2 I wish to be most ridiculously hot man on the face of EarthThere will be I know my imagination is limited right now...

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  • I am 5feet 6 inches tall.
  • rizne777 is right!

    I am tall 178 centimeters.

    I have beautiful Ice Blue eyes.

    Thank You

    Thank You

    Thank You

  • I don't know about wishing

    I AM 5'6" tall

    I HAVE a perfect oval face with a narrow jawline

    I HAVE beautiful large eye lid creases

    I HAVE a milky white fair skin color all over my body and face

    Thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you

    WOOT WOOT!!!! 

  • I wish when my report card comes in, it's an A instead of the B on saw on the website.

    I wish that I had the friend I've been visualizing who will help me get out of my current situation at home.

    I wish I can enjoy my youth like the people around me do, and not get taken down by the negativity in my house.
  • KI wish my face to be like Irina Shayk's face
    I wish to be taller
    I wish to be without any body or facial hair
    I wish wider hips, bigger breast and a beautiful butt
    I wish to be sexy and charming
    I wish to feel confident
    I wish to look strong and powerful in others eyes
    I wish to be loved and sorrounded by real friends who make me feel great about mysel
    I wish to get rid of all of my blockages and to feel free to be, say and do whatever I want without thinking about others opinion
    I wish to be free of anxiety
    I wish to master the power of my own mind
  • I wish i would get 3.6 or more gpa in this semester.

  • I wish my body always looks and functions exactly how I want it to.

    I wish my personality is always exactly as I want it to be.

    I wish I have all the knowledge and skills required to achieve academic success and get my dream job by the end of the following month.

    I wish I own an apartment paid in full, just for me to move in.

  • I wish I could have wider hips

    I wish I could have curlier and longer hair

    I wish I could have a really big butt

    I wish I could have the ability to attract as many men and women

    I wish I could have a lucrative business this year

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