Making Cell Talk Work For Me

I'm happy to be writing my first success post, so here goes.

When I first joined on here, I started reading about all the different methods people were using to achieve their desires. Of course cell talking was one of them, and I thought it was godsend- it seemed so easy and natural to do, and made a lot of sense to me. As someone who can get obsessive and worriesome easily, I figured this method would be the best for me to try, as I could go on with my daily life and not worry about whether I forgot to do this step or that step, etc.

Anyway, I tried it.. and had pretty slim success. A little bit of change, and that was it. I felt confused as to why it wasn't working for me, and just assumed that the method didn't harmonise with my thought processes at all, so I stopped doing it. I decided to take a break from my search and just spent the summer trying to relax and not worry so much about how I look. Then in the beginning of September, I had an epiphany, and decided to start trying again. To my surprise, I ended up feeling myself steered toward the cell talking method and its successes again, and I became interested in trying it again.


I started last Sunday, and amazingly, I have already had changes! My thing was that I wanted to change the placement of my nose on my face, make it higher. I know it sounds strange but it's just something that I thought would suit my facial proportions nicely. I can actually feel the difference in my nose, where the cartilage/bone has gotten higher, and lately I can see it too. It didn't happen overnight obviously, but I know that it's shifting faster and more proficiently as when I first started instructing, it would tingle a bit and then go away, but now it tingles longer and more often. This evening I even started feeling it change, there's a slight pressure right where my nose begins and every now and then I get a soreness around the area.

So, at this point, you're probably wondering why it's working for me now when it didn't before. And that I believe, comes down to a few things that I didn't do last time that I am doing now, such as:

1. Be consistent. I would do it for two or three days, then end up forgetting about it and not remember until 4 hours later. Or I'd get fed up after not seeing change, stop doing it for a few days, then suck it up and do it again. You cannot have a "yo-yo" approach to this if you want it to work. Your cells need to be instructed around a schedule, or else they simply go back to doing whatever they were before. You wouldn't expect a class full of students to have a unit test's work memorised in one day, and it should be the same with your cells. They need some extra attention in order to re-learn these new commands as their primary blueprint.

2. Don't complicate things. Simple, precise commands are the best. I misunderstood what David said about being descriptive in your commands and thought I basically needed to explain everything step by step to my cells as if they were idiots. I started out trying to change 3 or 4 things at the time, which is alright, but I was adding in so many little "and do this and do that" that to my cells, it probably felt more like 15. Just ask for what you want, straight up. Don't write paragraphs for each thing like me because you will NOT enjoy it, it'll feel like a pain in the ass, and then you'll get tired and stop. Voila, no success.

3. Change can take time. Different components like skin, cartilage, bone, etc. will take varying amounts of time. You can't get upset because your skin cleared up in less than a week but yet you still haven't grown. These are two different processes and the latter requires a bit more work and energy than the other. Don't give up so easily, try to instruct for at least a month and see where that takes you.

4. Your cells are grateful for all the help they can get. They can do A LOT all on their own, but you lending a hand in the process increases the benefits. For example, David wanted to pretty much tone up his entire body. So he would instruct whatever part he was working on to "increase muscle here" and "get rid of this fat here" then he would go do some total body exercise for 10 minutes and move on. He said he took his body parts he was changing getting sore/tired that the cells had done their work there, so he would cool off and then resume his day. And thus he got results he wanted. 

So you could say, "Cells, remove the fat in my thighs" and then go for a long walk or a swim. Eat lots of nutritious, filling foods to help your cells get you growing again. Anything to boost your cells and really reap the benefits. Of course you don't have to, if you don't want to, or don't feel like you have the time. Cells can make anything happen. Just from what I've read and know, it does a lot of good. I know there are some things that you can't physically help with. Like removing a bump from the nose. But in that case, visualising the end results acts in place of exercise/etc. At least from what I have experienced.

5. How negative or positive you feel about said part you are changing does factor in on how quick you get what you want. Things you are very insecure about will take time to change. It doesn't mean that they won't change, but you're just not going to see progress as quickly and efficiently as you would something you are not really bothered about. Have faith and try to love yourself regardless. Sometimes when I feel really sad about certain features, I search for someone who I admire and find beautiful who looks similar and I remind myself that it's okay to look the way I do. It doesn't have to be a celebrity, it can be anyone you want it to be.

I know it sounds silly but it has actually helped me a lot. I used to feel a lot worse about my nose placement, I thought it was so unfair. And then I looked at other people who I liked and who I thought were beautiful with similar noses and then I thought, well, I'm really not some disfigured alien after all. My negativity around it shrunk down a pretty sizeable amount, and now my cell talking results were pretty much instantaneous. So it really does help to be more loving and positive towards yourself.

That's all for now. I hope you guys are happy and changing!

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  • COOL!! I like that the green outline has ben a permenant thing for you! Have you made bigger chnages in  your appearance recently too? I have read some of your discusssions with Iris. Does she do cell talking too? I like that you are starting small! TBH I am starting big... HUGE HAHA! But maybe I am overwhelming myself?

  • thanks Chrissy, same thing with my eyes, and i stopped coz i got bored :/ i began again, i wish seeing results very soon

    • @Pamela JIJ Do you have experience with cell talking? Has it worked for you in the past.. I am just checking out David's old thread and it has been very inspiring! :D

    • yes july, i had small success with my lips, they are bigger now but i wasn't very persistant and i used visualisation too :) 

    • WOW How long ago was that! SO they have stayed bigger.. the change was permenant! brilliant

    • that was last year and i remind them sometimes to keep in place what "we did" :D so yes they have stayed bigger

    • Good reminder to keep it place! Thanks :-]

  • Thanks Peach. :)

    Hey Julie,
    I am doing cell talking at the moment. My eyes are getting lighter, I checked in like different lightings too. I'm starting small, so I've been working on my eyelids, crease at the inner corner of my eyes (which are disappearing), eye color, and a tiny mole (which is getting so small and unnoticeable).

    Hey Pamela,
    No, I did not get the green eyes from cell talking, but I'm gradually bringing up my eye color to it though! I also just have this cool blue/green outline from cell talking them green, that's pretty cool. I'm glad that they never left, haha . So yeah, I've stopped instructing them.


    Don't overwhelm yourself with a million instructions at once because most likely you'll forget the words, and you may start getting bored.

    Stay with it. Don't look in the mirror after two days and decide that you don't want to continue with the instructions anymore just because you're not “seeing“ results. Stay with it for at least 3-4 weeks.

    It may seem like work but honestly you're saying a couple of sentences (depending how much you have) every 1-2 hours. We talk more than a few sentences in an hour, I know I do! Lol
  • Sure, I think you could do that!
  • I have one last question and then I promise I'm done ;)

    Do you think it would be efficient to record myself saying the cell talking and then listening what I recorded on my mp3?

This reply was deleted.