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Hey guys, i look for some help in a specific problem. I am  22  years man, i've been trying to manifest a taller and bigger body , i dont know if i can say this word on the post but.. want a  bigger penis too.

So, i try diferent things for height, i became obssessed with this changes and i punish and prevent myself from  life , from doing lot of things i want but feel inconfidence to do with this body. I am bissexual, and on the last 5 years i have falling in love for my best straight friend. not enough, he have the perfect male body,  6'1 tall,  hes penis looks huge, and i alway get myself comparing and desiring his body.

i think meet him was the begging of the desire for a bigger body, most part of this years i try to ignore this and acept my body, but it seems impossible to do it. so the thing here is: I know i need to ignore current reality and keep my mind on the wanted body, its a bit hard to do it with height, cause everything remember you of your current, compare to places, things, people all the time and see u dont change nothing; but is even worst try to change penis size, cause is something  see all the time, cant avoid look at him. wath can i do to achieve my goals when seems very impossible ignore this reality? i know some people will say size doesnt matter and etc.. but  is not to only satisfact partners, is for myself,  to feel a big sexual male body. I hope maybe some expert guy here has past trough same experience and can help me.

Tanks a lot .

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  • this is a fucking stone on my way, cause i am with my friend at last 4 hours per day , so i have to much time to see his perfect slim body, and his probably big equipment. so i feel bad cause is bigger than mine, than i do this thing of admire his body cause i desire him sexually, and i see myself trapped on the middle of envy and sexual desire.

    so i cant force a straigh guy to love me i share and he doesnt feel the same), and missing this love back i think cause of theyr perfect body he will find someone better soon.

  • As a gay male I can somewhat relate to this (not exactly to the manhood part as I'm not self conscious of it). It's complicated because I can get lost between jealousy of wanting to have a body like someone, and desiring them, it's soo frustrating. However once I learned to appreciate and compliment, the negative feelings vanished and I was just left with good ones. I think you should do that too. 

  • Just a side note: You should look up success stories about females adjusting breast size. There is a lot more openess about that body part for some reason so even though it is a different body part it makes for an encouraging success story. 

    Also look up success stories pertaining to people who make scars go away. 

  • Thank you for sharing this.  It is a powerful reminder needed daily. 

  • Your'e  right sir, i have already think this way a time ago but let bad momentum change de mindset, and make from my perfect body a condition to live a perfect life. I guess is all about the mindset , you  remember me something important i forget  trying to find the perfect technique to everything.

    Tanks a lot.

    • I really liked this article on self-acceptance because it is a powerful mindset for success.  I see you are struggling with this so I hope this article can be of some help.  It also helps with understanding that all desires are valid.

      One of the most powerful concepts I learned was that you never have to force a positive mindset.  It is your natural expression when the negative momentum of the mind is dissolved just by not paying any attention to it.

      The most important feeling in all your creations is how you feel about yourself.  

      The Truth about Self-Acceptance
      The negativity that’s most stark in many brains is the sense of “unworthiness” which usually translates into a lack of self-confidence and developmen…
  • I'll update when i fully understand this all. i was close a bit time ago, and some bad events take me back to the start place. but is close again now, and soon i'll be ready to help other too. 
    Tanks and good luck for us .

  • I've read so much about changing the body.  There are a few things I learned after years of reading so maybe they will save you some time.

    How you make yourself feel is of the utmost importance.   I think that this is the number one priority. If you are making yourself feel insecure, less than, inadequate, inferior or badly about yourself IMO this must change.  I'm pretty sure it was on here that I read this but the words were 'not to pay more attention to the manifestation/technique than how you are making yourself feel'.   

    You must be able to uplift yourself.  

    This is all about cultivating the mindset and attitude for success. 

    This is just me, but I wanted my physical change more than anything else because I saw it as such an obstacle to the life I wanted to live.   I wish I would have started with something I was way less attached to so I built up my confidence/faith.   I'm in no way telling you to give up on your dream body, but here baby steps can end up saving you years.   

    Change the way your making yourself feel & pick some small desires so you can prove to yourself that you can have anything you want.

  • I don’t have all the answers but I do that you must stop comparing anything about yourself to other people.  Also you must become neutral and content with what you have. You must also prepare your mind for receiving what you want. Meaning, a lot of people want things, but they dont get there mind in the place of being ready to receive the gift. You must also command the Universe, not beg. Also, focus and discipline for meditation. Also get to the root question of why you want something. When you get to the root, you usually identify the feeling. Note the feeling,  then command the universe by telling it  you feel _______ (fill in the blank with the root feeling you discovered).

    Don’t think about it all day long, only when you meditate. 

    Wish I could help more, as I too have been seeking answers to similar questions. 

    Please post if you find answers. Good luck. 

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