Manifesting breast implants?

Im early 30s so my breast will not grow anymore. I know LOA is real, ive attracted nice condo, I just got nice car, etc. But I just cant seem to manifest the 6,000 quick enough needed for a boob job. I been wanting boobs since 20 but I thought id wait and see if they would grow at 26 after having my children and seeing that they got smaller i decided I was getting boobs well here I am at 31 and still have not manifested them yet:( I think its becaus eI hate my boobs too much imnot sure, but I REALLY REALLY want a boob job. Id liike some advice, as Id like to have my breast implants put in by the end of the year. Any advice to manifest this quicker. 

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  • Update year later; boobs have gotten slightly bigger but not much and not as perky and full as id like. Good thing now, I do have credit and money FINALLY lol, to get boob job so will be getting next spring! 

  • I manifested those things through my spouse. He will not give me money for a boob job lol.

  • How much centimetres u grew after 29? What did u do to grow taller? Bcause I'm focusing on that one
  • I agree with what was said. Plus you want the bigger size and likely not surgery. Please remember manifesting surgery or growing is done same way. 1 doesn't need to be harder than other.
  • The same way you attracted that car and condo....that's how you manifest the money you need.

  • Hi Vita!

    Hope this article can help U:


    Can you really THINK your boobs bigger?
    You are feeling busty … very busty! Can you really THINK your boobs bigger?
  • Ty guys for all the wonderful responses:)

  • So as I promised, I'm summarising the points.
    The method that seemed effective for the girls is this :
    1. You need to do this method everyday, for at least 30 mins, or more.
    2. Just before you go to sleep, in bad, try to relax deeply, so that you feel warmth in all your body. This is basically the autogenic relaxation technique. It's better if you do it right before you go to sleep or you just woke up, because at that time you are more relaxed so that would be easier for you. If you are not good at relaxation, find some videos on youtube, type : autogenic relaxation.
    3. After this, when you are fully relaxed, feel that you have wet warm towel on your breast, you should feel how your breast is getting warmer and warmer and how the blood curculates there. Probably you remember the feeling that you had when your breast was growing first time, when youwere a teenager.Try to remember these feelings, the pain during the breast growth. Or sometimes women have these feelings during their period, usually during the period breast becomes bigger and it's more painfull when you touch it.
    4. So you concentrate all your attention to your breast and you can also try to say mentally some affirmations, like : My breast is growing and say the size you want and try to visualize it, like for example you are looking at the mirror and you are happy witu that size. Visualize that you are touching your breast in front of the mirror and they are exactly the way you wanted, be happy for that.
    5. After you are finished, just fell asleep. Or if you are doing during the day just finish the relaxation and believe that your breast is becoming bigger and bigger everyday :)

    The results will not come in a few days, yo should do this technique for at least 3-4 weeks.
    Go to the shop and by the size of bra that you want and believe that soon this bra will be good on you.
    Just be happy and belive that in some weeks you'll have the size you want.

    I hope I explained in a way that you can understand, my English is not so well, so sorry for that :)
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