Manifesting breast implants?

Im early 30s so my breast will not grow anymore. I know LOA is real, ive attracted nice condo, I just got nice car, etc. But I just cant seem to manifest the 6,000 quick enough needed for a boob job. I been wanting boobs since 20 but I thought id wait and see if they would grow at 26 after having my children and seeing that they got smaller i decided I was getting boobs well here I am at 31 and still have not manifested them yet:( I think its becaus eI hate my boobs too much imnot sure, but I REALLY REALLY want a boob job. Id liike some advice, as Id like to have my breast implants put in by the end of the year. Any advice to manifest this quicker. 

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  • I wasn't using these methods on me, but I'll read everything in try to translate it when I have time , hopefully tomorrow.
    There was these funny technique, that some girls were using. Like, everytime you eat something say: God, please put all the callories to my boobs . And believe in it :D
    Some girls had results :D
  • Can I post links here?

    Here is the link with the methods:

  • I think that what you really want is bigger breasts, not particularly breast implants. That can be started by looking at bras and seeing what size you like, know what you want them to look like and that start manifesting the breasts of your dreams. With LOA, I don't think that there is simply any reason to have surgery. It can all be done with your mind whether it's better vision, a skinnier waist or bigger breasts. I hope this helps! <3

  • I will not talk about manifesting Money to make surgery because theres the main forum to ask for it.

    I grew  taller after 29, and then 36, and im yet growing. ( I know that there are peoples that make surgery to grow taller, man, this probably is very painful)

    The first thing that you have to do is forgeting everything that you learned about height, growing in any shape and age, if you think " i have 30 years and Science say that i cannot grow boobs anymore" then you will create it in your physical reality.

    Creation is easy, peoples create all the time what they doubt, i think that this is a reason why smart "gurus" say " feel good" because you forget your desires for while wich is like letting go, fears and doubts.

    But even a statement can make the job, like " now my boobs is perfect like i want" then forget about that, wich of course imply that you dont contradict after with another thought like " its not working"

    Faith, belief, imagination..all the same, if focused like a laser beam will make creations happens.

    Forget about your intelect, your reason, you knowledge ( what Science say is possible) and start learning about Faith, Faith is beyond knowledge, religion, and reason, Faith is your pure power.

  • Oh no, please don't do it :(
    It's possible to grow breast even after 30! 10 mins ago I was reading about this breast growth method on one of the Russian forums, all the girls that were experimenting had some results ! So it's definetelly possible.
    Please don't do the surgery ...
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