Manifesting height!

I just thought of something terribly devious...I've been having success with growing taller, though it's only been a short period of time. HOWEVER, I HAVE NOTICED THAT NOW ALMOST ALL THE PEOPLE I PERCEIVE SEEM TO BE TALL(ER) THAN I'D PREVIOUSLY IMAGINED! In essence, It's like they're growing with me lol. Could I just b shifting to a reality where everyone is still proportionately the same height, so my growth will end up not really being noticed?

Wouldn't that be some bs lol!

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  • @Zero yes! He isn't even ready for physical change with that attitude...
    • Thats great Irina, keep going :)

    • I will!! hehe

  • And how tall is the rest of your family, out of curiousity?

    • haha, why do you need to know? Would it change the outcome and message of my story? Your family could be a certain height, and you could be another due to past/current beliefs, etc.

      But I'll let you know anyways. My mom is 5'4 ish and my dad is 6'5. I was 5'7 from age 14 or something, and it wasn't until I wanted to bump up to 5'8 and above that I applied the principles and made the change. I am now 20.

    • Well your dad is 6'5. lucky bastard haha. Anyways, you did indeed grow after not growing for 6 years. Are you sure you measured correctly or didn't just fix your posture?

    • Yes. I set up a place to measure myself before, and then i would stand on my toes to find my perfect spot of where I wanted to see myself. there was direct measurement. I was exactly 5'7 in the beginning and at the point of measurement and *over* 5'8 after a few days - i measured myself after physically changing to the point where I could stand in that spot and reach my target height area. : )

      I just want to make it clear that I did measure = ) and when you really want something, for sure, 100% (no doubts of whether you would or would not like to change) if you follow the above method then it's totally possible.

      Its exciting to remember that time - and when it happened i really felt limitless. I know that when i am 100 % sure for my next physical manifestation, it will happen with the intention

    • It doesn't matter how tall her dad is, an inch in 2 days isn't a coincidence. Stop trying to find reasons not to believe it's possible!

    • Enough Drewman...if im the others i just ignore this guy.

  • WOW! I'm glad that you had success like that! :D

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