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Hi, everyone! I had been hanging around here for a long time particularly on this forum and on other forums as well and had been spending a ridiculous amount of time researching about height increase. I had pretty much read most of the comments/articles from various people that are very well-versed in LOA, subconscious, spirituality and anything related to metaphysics.

But you know what? Despite having immense knowledge on this topic, I still struggle to manifest height and mind you, this had been going on for the past 3-4 years and things can get really mundane and hopelessness is inevitable sometimes. There will be a cycle of positivity and negativity but all these still leads to nothing. This gets really tiring and right now, I want end all of these uncertainties & this rollercoaster ride once and for all.

Anyway, I think all LOA practitioners faces this challenge where sometimes "this" works and sometimes "this" doesn't and we all try to figure which part of our beliefs went wrong. And all this process keeps repeating and repeating and it gets extremely tedious.

That's why the intention of this thread is to focus on this particular manifestation and all the resources that are even remotely related to the height fulfilment that we desire. The second purpose of this thread is to unite all the people with the same particular goal so that we can create a supportive community! I know there are alot of people that REALLLYYY wants to grow taller but then after so many years of trying with no results, you really get into state where you are not even sure you want to continue this. That's why this thread will end all of these resistance as we strived to create a cutting edge and personalised plan to manifest the height we want.

Resources that might help us in this journey:

1) Merlin World's NAP

Basically, NAP stands for Night Audio Recording. It's to record a powerful type of affirmations in various "formulas" and play it at night while you are sleeping. The idea is to bypass the doorman aka conscious mind and repetition. Do visit the website to learn more about it! But beware, needy and negative people are NOT WELCOME there.

2) Anita's Self-Love

In Anita Moorjani's books, the most reinforced message is to love yourself and stop judging yourself. She also recommend a supportive community( and hence this thread) to encourage each other. Her NDE really gave her a radical change of paradigm. For now, due to inconvenience on my side, I would suggest you guys to find her videos and learn more about her experience.

3) Cell talking

Not sure where this is coined from but I discovered this term from this thread. I believed this technique came from the roots of hypnosis. Not much research is done on this on my part yet so anyone more experienced in this can contribute some information. Combining this and lucid dream seems interesting.

4) Lsjl

LSJL. It's PROVEN to increase the length of your fingers and arms. Again there were people who grew from this and some didn't grew. I will come back to this when it is more convenient for me. Hmm..I wonder what would LOA's concept+LSJL result in? Do note that this is the only resource here that deals with external support. Just think running and losing fats.


Hypnosis and meditation basically puts you into a trance and it has the ability to calm down your "noisy, chattering" conscious mind which sometimes are just filled with limiting beliefs. When quieting the mind, you are clearing your mind from excessive thoughts which helps you to release resistance from the thoughts that are holding you back from creating your desires. It also helps higher self to connect with your mind and kaboom, something might just happen inside the "void". 

7)Lucid Dreaming

An interestingly but difficult method to communicate with you higher self or subconscious or whatever you might want to call it. It's difficult because it's not an easy feat to lucid dream but once you are able to, I believe the power could be immense. The power of Visualisation will be ten-fold inside a lucid dream because inside, you're limitless and the clarity and detail of you experiencing inside it is matchless. Basically, once you're able to achieve that, you will be able to connect with the higher self and ask questions and so forth.

8)Neville Goddard

Not much had been researched on him and his techniques but I read this article and I believe his teachings make sense. It talks about confidence as a being yourself. Link:

Update (10th Feb) : Hi guys, sorry I'm off due to some busy work I have to do. Anyway, I just want to update on the routine and practices that I hope I can stick myself to. 

1. Meditation

I'm really going to stick to this because I can really see how it changes a person. I have only did a few meditations so far but I can already feel the effects of it on my spirituality and I'm going to keep going on with it to see how it goes. When I meditate, I feel like I'm connected to the universe as a whole and it makes me feel really tranquillised which quieten downs the self-doubt. I'm going to try to do this for at least 20 minutes per day if permitted by the circumstances.

2. Self-Love

As of now, I'm practicing self-love and I'm not sure if it's as easy as how it seems. It's about self-acceptance as well and you know since I'm wanting to grow taller, there seems to be some conflict of interest in this aspect. On the other hand, I'm still not sure how self-love is being defined and as such I'm probably going to more research on it. (Well, I see someone already wrote about it here :D ) Anyway, this is on my list now.


Well, initially I was already doing this with Dr.Laura De Giorgio's tracks. I was listening diligently to the GT hypnosis but find it hard to be hypnotized so I stopped after a few weeks (Maybe 3-5).I also listened to her supraliminals and subliminals (albeit on & off) but I also didn't grow anything from that so I thought maybe this wasn't for me. NOW, I'm thinking of trying it again. I think this will work better after meditating as it makes my mind more settling and I'm going to do it diligently this time with a constant. The problem now is I don't know if I should now try subliminals from other people and how long I should listen to in a day.

4.Glucosamine supplement and LSJL

Currently on my to-do-list but not sure when I should implement this into my routine. Due to busy schedule, LSJL might prove a little hard to be a constant routine for me. But I'm definitely going to start Glucosamine + Stretching combo soon!

5.Lucid dreaming

Definitely going to acquire this skill. Lucid dreaming helps in every aspect of you life, be it manifestation, visualising, creativity or general life.

P.S: I really welcome users to join me in this ride to conquest this journey! At the same time, we can discuss and understand the art of manifestation together! :D

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  • Hi, thanks jota! I'm currently working on it now by meditating. Yes, it's not easy but we will get there :)

    If you have anymore interesting inputs, please do share with us!

  • Hi, good to hear that! I have heard good things about glucosamine so you might wanna give it a try? Anyway, let's work together and help each other!

  • I'm new to the forum and this group and just wanted to express my thanks for this topic and the suggestions. My goal is to grow 1 inch within the next 6 months. I want to go from 5'6" to 5'7" and I know I can do it. In addition to my faith I am asking that the Universe put the thoughts into my mind of any supplements or exercises that will help me along faster.

  • Very true. I second that.
    I personally experience manifestations in such way, sometimes.
  • "If the guy work making desire of peoples come true by magic, and he can create in seconds by just intending!? why he collects money? he has no need to pretend or make a little show to make them believe "

    I was not talking about materialization, i have not doubt that there are peoples that can do that, but i was not talking about it.

    What i was saying is that in magick they follow a bunch of rules, make rituals that demand sometimes hours, and theses rituals are suposed make things happens, the guy said that its all made up to make the customers believe it.

    The guy say more or less, "if i just close my eyes, and intend and after say to my customer , its done they will want the Money back, because they need a reason why things need happen.

    Its not enough you say " Everyone have a power inside that you just desire something and it will happens", no, peoples need some excuse "hard work", "Jesus", " Pump good feeling" whatever. Some scientific peoples sometimes perceive it but they take all time trying understand what the hell is that,instead just accept that is part of nature, i mean, this power is there, you can use it consciously or not, but is there.

    So, its not the long rituals that make desires true, but just the instant intention without anything add to it. Its simple.

  • The path of least resistance isn't creating things from thin air,and that's the path all things in the universe take.

  • Hi sean! Yes! Those are definitely good resources to cultivate your mind. Manifestation by orgasm and Presence sounds interesting because I seldom hear them! Mind elaborating more?

    Yes, you're right about the NAPs. There's still many loose ends that's yet to tie but it's something that I think that has huge potential. On the other hand, I believe that NAPs serves as a tool only and with a tool alone, it lacks direction. You have to cultivate the right mindset and the right central beliefs about yourself and a tool alone can only help to speed up the process but not create the process.

    I'm not sure how OBE works but I believe they are very similar concepts? Yup, if it really does what you just said then it will definitely be one of THE resources! :) I will go check out more on OBE.

    • Manifestation by orgasm allows oneself to hyper manifest their desired outcome

      and for presence it allows you to clear all thoughts putting you in a state of least resistance and allowing therefore increasing vibration and or slowing down or stopping negative momentum or increasing positive momentum,its a great tool because if you are trying to let go of thinking about height,comparing etc you just breath in breath out relax and let go of all thought and continue your day

       I totally agree with cultivating the right mind set and to do so i believe the right tools are necessary for one to create the belief system which best suites himself to manifest his desire,so using as many tools as possible to best find what tools work best for yourself is the best option.its simply a process of elimination and for me i have come down to focus on  meditation visualization,presence and getting into the feeling of having my desired outcome to manifest my desire.I'm not to sure about OB E's similar to lucid dreaming but i haven't delved into that for manifestation,but if lucid dreaming works for manifestation then obe's will work stronger. if your doing any of these tools i would just recommend one simple thing and that is be consistent.Good luck :D

  • Just to be clear, when i say to one create without emotion i say it to do it only if you have problems with using emotion now, if you like , if you feel good, then continue doing it.

    Also you can use your emotion in everything else, to enjoy your creations for example, i'm create without using emotion because is easy, but i fully emotional when i want.

  • If you are that afraid of your body, I don't think there is any hope of you ever growing, with or without surgery.

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