Manifesting height!

I just thought of something terribly devious...I've been having success with growing taller, though it's only been a short period of time. HOWEVER, I HAVE NOTICED THAT NOW ALMOST ALL THE PEOPLE I PERCEIVE SEEM TO BE TALL(ER) THAN I'D PREVIOUSLY IMAGINED! In essence, It's like they're growing with me lol. Could I just b shifting to a reality where everyone is still proportionately the same height, so my growth will end up not really being noticed?

Wouldn't that be some bs lol!

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    • jota is a man :) 

    • Oops! :p sorry offense :)
    • What is the difference between a/the man? :D I also thought jota is a girl. Has anyone already managed to change the sex with visualization and feeling and stuff?

    • jota is THE man. XD

    • And that attitude is why you'll never succeed.^

    • You don't believe it's possible, so you'll keep reinforcing that in your life.

    • LOL, jota was joking! XD

  • Drew, you know VERY WELL, that for LOA to work, you need to be AT PEACE with your reality and to have no resistance; I still feel you are attached to your goal and that is why it isn't working 

    • You can still have what you want and have resistance!  It's normal to have resistance about things that are important to you!  Who the hell isn't attached to their goal?  Most people desire things FERVIDLY and they get them anyway!  You don't have to detach yourself from anything and you really can't do it anyway because even though you can control your thoughts, you can't quell your desires.  You CAN let go of the pressure, though, by letting out all of your emotions.  It's easier to allow something through when it's not that important, but you can allow the important things, too!  There aren't any rules.  Imagining how it feels to have what you want and thinking about and doing things that make you feel good ALWAYS helps, but you don't have to follow anyone's rules.  Just allow yourself to feel everything you feel and try to direct your thoughts in a good direction (if it feels natural at the time) as much as it feels comfortable.  Pretending when you're by yourself (or in any situation that feels good) is a really fun way to help things along ^=^  You can be as attached as you want to ANYTHING and still have it as soon as you like! :D

    • I didn't really get negative about it until about a year or so ago. After 3 years of consistently meditating, visualizing, etc.

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