• I read the book. If you think the problem is this guy not sharing his "technique" then you are missing the entire point.

    • So what is the guy's point? :)

  • LOL yes I'm sure they do. 

    • One thing that i observe is the appearance who teach theses method. Not beauty, but the health state, this guy Joseph Fierce looks very healthy . There anothers famous guru that dont look healthy, and then i think " Well , if she or he teach it, at least he or she have show me some capacity to look well". Again ,i'm not talking about beauty.

  • Wow, amazing, amazing...Plastic surgeons hates him haha!!!

  • I like that.

    Know( intelectual) and know ( experience) is two diferente things. Mosts peoples really know intelectually. The fun part wich is experimentation is not really popular .

    I read somewhere that a doctor take a surgery with him and become cured and  ask him how this is possible...he say that this have no explanation in words or something like that.

  • Probably is not a technique, but a mentality. But i dont read the book, just thinking loud.

  • Really cool results. The problem is this guy don't share his technique in the book.

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