Manifesting the absence of something

Hello, I am currently having trouble in going about how to manifest the absence of something. TMI warning: I am very hairy and would like not have to deal with body hair anymore. I currently trying to get rid of the hair on my legs, but I am unsure about how to do this. I still shave every day, and that just reinforces my belief in my hairiness. Does anyone know how you would go about this?

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  • No, you don't have hair on your legs. It was a thought from what you saw and have experienced, but now that thought is different, if you allow it to be. You've done the asking, but there is still doubt, which is normal. Now you must believe. Your experiences come from your thoughts, so start switching those thoughts. Feel the change in your entire body, your soul, you spirit, your mind. Let it become you. You don't have hair on your legs. Any hair. And that IS. Congratulations! You don't have hair on your legs!

  • It was not supposed to be funny, it was to be helpful.

    But he did not even thank me. : /

  • Funny Jahara.

    Great post Kendra Richard :) :)

  • I would love to try that if I had the money, but I can't afford it right now haha. If I could, I would totally invest in it though, thanks for the suggestion!

  • Wow, thanks for this reply! Very thoughtful. Your suggestions for visualizations are great too. I think I am going to try to set about doing this along with the use of cell talk, as well. Thanks again!

  • I know this is not LOA but philips lumea is amazing and really worth investing in. Although if you just want to use LOA just visualize it gone and how happy you feel. :)

  • Love this explanation!! <3

  • Great topic/question! I'm really glad to see this topic brought up (the topic of manifesting the absence of something) because it's one that doesn't seem to have a lot of information on, but one that a lot of people need to know more about.

    There was a similar discussion a while back here on the forum about manifesting the absence of... I think it was a person in that discussion, but I will try to find it and link to it just in case it has any useful nuggets of information in there.

    Oh, that topic was actually about "getting rid of someone" Very blunt, but it could be useful since the absence of anything is most likely manifested in the same way -- whether it's trying to keep from seeing a person who bugs you or trying to keep the hair off your body.

    I have done a lot of thinking on this very thing myself, and have had some mixed results trying to "manifest" something/someone to be absent in my life experience. This was discussed too in the other discussion I mentioned.

    Ultimately though, with enough understanding, I was able to keep from running into a person who, as I mentioned to the person who asked the question. It just took being aware of how that person (or thing, or problem) came into my thoughts each day, and why. It can sometimes help to really question yourself about why and how something unwanted is lingering in your experience when you don't want it to. I most often mind the answer (and then the solution) to my issues by doing just that. For instance, maybe you're feeling ill, grouchy, tired, and depressed, and you notice that you keep running into someone who's ill, irritable, negative, depressed and you think how awful it feels to even see them coming.

    Obviously, it's what's going on IN YOU, and therefore, you're attracting that very thing/person. You just don't notice how crappy it is when it's you who's in that kind of state. Sometimes you have to have it brought to your attention through another person.

    Anyways, I realize you're talking about hair, though, not people. I can relate. I've tried getting "rid of" scars on my body, blemishes on my face, and even hair on my body and at one point, a somewhat dark-ish shade of fuzz on my upper lip!

    I personally find that giving it too much attention and letting the "problem" bug you, make you feel uncomfortable, insecure, etc. and just having the constant awareness of the hair being there is the same as attracting the hair. It's like you're basically begging to have hair. :( Yikes!

    So, what I have done in this kind of situation is work on removing my awareness from it. Anytime the awareness or aggravation of having the hair pop into your mind, you must immediately turn it into a different thought. Even if all you can do is hurry up and focus on whatever object your eyes land on in order to get the thought of the "problem" out of your mind, it'll help. Soon, you'll be able to do what I call "reversing" a negative thought or negative scene/image that pops into my mind. Sometimes our fears or problems pop into our minds in such clear images or scenes that it's like watching it in a movie -- so it's also akin to visualizing it! We don't want to let that play through in our minds, so the best thing you can do is as soon as you become aware of the "bad thing" running through your head is to turn it to something else.

    I try this technique that I refer to as "reversing" by simply reversing the negative thought into the opposite -- the thing I do want. So, if I was wanting to manifest the absence of hair somewhere on my body, anytime the image of my hairy body popped into my mind at all, I would quickly replace that in my mind with an image of a freshly shaven one. I wouldn't say "hair-free" because that still kind of focuses on the hair that's there. Try to completely eliminate the thought of manifesting the removal of, or the absence of and simply keep your focus strictly on the want, the desired outcome. That image would be your skin all smooth and super easy to see (because there's no hair covering.) So try to get a good, detailed image of yourself all smooth and without hair stuck well into your mind. Then, try to keep playing that image through anytime you can.

    When you think of your legs, for instance, imagine them all skin and smooth. Imagine the color of your skin. Even pay close attention to pores if you can conjure up a decent, clear image of that. I would focus on the look of the skin up-close (that way there's very little focus on the hair). Try to see the creases and any freckles or moles really closely. If you're able to see the creases, veins, freckles, etc. on your skin (those tiny details), then that means there's no hair! So, instead of focusing so much on the wanting (the hair to go away), try to focus on the skin itself and how it looks (without hair.) Heck, I would even go so far as to stop thinking about hair period. As much as possible, anyways.

    For me, visualizing is so very powerful in obtaining my desired result. But I also always pair my desire with speaking clearly what my intended result is -- that works wonders for me, especially combined with a short minute of visualizing the desired result. I say to myself "my intended result is to have smooth, clear, beautiful skin with a smooth consistent texture," for example. Then I might add "I have perfectly smooth, clear, beautiful skin. I don't even have to shave anymore. When I run my hands over my bare skin, it feels so silky and smooth, just as it used to when I was a small child."

    That's just an example of what I would do if I were trying to get to the place you are right now. I wouldn't let myself go too far with the affirming of beautiful, no-shave-necessary skin unless you're sure you can go there without feeling resistance when you mention anything about shaving or not having to shave. So save the line "I don't even have to shave," for when you're ready to say that statement and feel it to be truth a little. Do keep repeating the affirmations regarding what you DO want your skin to look and feel like.

    Take it up a notch by maybe even imagining someone else caressing the skin all over your body. Start with one body part, and imagine the way it feels to have someone's hand running up your silky smooth legs, for example.

    If you know the feeling of legs freshly shaved with a brand new razor, then use that! Milk it for all its worth because if you can add a feeling to your desired result, it's far more powerful. I am imagining that insanely smooth, silky feeling of having freshly-shaved legs as I get under the sheets in bed. There's nothing quite like that feeling. Imagine rubbing lotion over the parts of your body that feel exactly like that -- the super silky smoothness that you feel when you slide under cool sheets right after a close shave -- what does that feel like? What color is the skin on your body?

    Try to keep your focus on those details and seeing your skin only (no hair) it might be boring, but just hold the image of your skin (maybe focusing on only one body part at a time) and you'll be on your way. You should begin to be able to feel it with ease as you go. Then next thing you know, it'll be easier and easier to conjure up that image of your hairless body and the images will play through your head without you even having to put in effort to imagine the desired result. Then you're already on your way to getting it.

    I hope this is helpful. Apologies if it's too lengthy, but I thought my suggestions and ideas of what I've found useful might just be at least something encouraging for you. I did manage to "manifest the absence of" the darkish shade of hair on my upper lip as well as improve the appearance of the skin on my face -- breakouts, scars, uneven skin tone, dryness in some places, oily in others, etc.  As long as  don't get all down in the dumps and have a big freak-out over pimples and drudge up the negative feelings I've often felt upon seeing them, I typically manage to see pretty clear skin. It's just holding onto the feelings and image of clear skin long enough to keep it that way for me. It can be tough when the image of what you DON'T want is so ingrained into your mind. For example, I have to put in effort still when it comes to the image that pops into my mind of my skin. I see the scars and stuff. I have to work on creating the image I actually want, and seeing that in my head in order to begin seeing it on my actual skin.

    I have used old photographs that show me with clear skin, or some other feature I'm fond of, and it helps immensely! If you can do that, and kind of get that specific image (of how you do want your body/skin/etc. to look) burned into your mind so that each time you think about your body or skin, the image that goes through your mind is one of what you want to see in reality. You might find it useful to get photos elsewhere that depict the kind of skin you want to see on yourself. Look at it deeply enough that when you aren't staring at it, the image stays with you. Then conjure that back up throughout the day when you're in a positive mindset.


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