MASTERMIND Group for Manifesting Height

Hi, Guys! Recently, I just finished reading a book called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I'm sure that many of you have heard of this book because it's one of the most popular "LOA" books. I will recommend you guys to read this book, not just with the intention to make changes to your physical appearance but as a personal development book :)

Anyway, inside the book, Hill suggested that creating a MASTERMIND group would be very very beneficial to helping one to manifest their desires. You can find many definitions on the internet on what a Mastermind group is but in this context, it's basically having a grouped specific resource that can aid you in achieving success. This sounds really interesting to me, and hence, I thought that maybe we can create a group for manifesting height(somewhere more accessible like a phone group chat, say Kakao or Line), where we can discuss, encourage, provide knowledge, update each other about relevant resources and of course, I'm sure we can make some friends since I'm pretty sure we can relate to each other really well!!

If you guys think that it's a sound concept and you're up for it, hit me up and I will create a mobile chat group. I personally do not want this group to be very big as it will be hard to facilitate amongst us but we'll see ;)

Anyway, this is calling out to height-seekers specifically! If any of the people want to use this to start their own specific endeavours (like losing weight etc.), you guys are free to discuss in this thread as well! :) 

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  • Hey guys thanks for the interest haha! Well do you guys have Line? Just PM me your account user and I will add you inside :)
  • ok

  • I'm game. How do we do this?

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