• I think it was made clear that a few people were targeting both MP and Quadible Integrity with these false accusations?? And the situation just snowballed from there. Idk about newer sub makers though. Do you have any recommendations? Is Jae Subliminals good -- I've been using hers for weeks now with minimal results?

    • When exactly was that? I haven't come across anyone who debunked this.

    • Maybe that's right. I don't know. Maybe it was the constant different loud voices that gave me my anxiety. I do usually get anxiety when there's "too much going on."

    • Yeah, I felt reassured when i listened to their subliminals because their affirmations are very detailed but I switched to Quadible Subliminal because the videos sounded too garbled. At that time, there were no bad rumors going around about them

    • I am doing now Dove's Subliminals, I did before MP. 

  • I agree. I only ever got more anxiety from listening to hers, so I stopped and I'm better now.

    A new sub maker who's really good on YouTube is Dove's Subliminals. I'm using her "Forced Full Results in One Listen" booster and it's helping me with my beliefs IMMENSELY in a sub I made for myself (it's only been three days, so no physical results just yet). :)

    • Hi, I just checked Dove's Subliminals and there is just music, it does make any difference?

      MP has music and you can hear affirmations.

      There lots positive comments about MP subliminals.

    • She has affirmations that you can't hear. She uses her own voice. :)

    • Dove's Subliminals is nice and I love that she only uses affirmations but I wish she would make ones with rain or that ambient airplane sound instead of music :)  I made a couple of subliminals for myself with the airplane noise and it's SO relaxing :D

  • Which channel would you recommend??

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