• People get fast results from Dove Subliminals! 

    • HypnoDaddy

  • Which newer subs are more effective?

  • Umm... did you not know she was exposed for having negative affirmations in her subliminals? Plus even the newer sub makers give way faster results.

  • Hi, her dark circles subliminal worked fairly well for me. I listened for 7 months and although they are not completely gone, they did get a lot lighter. Hope this helps!
  • Some do give headaches, I used to turn down extra low. Though I realize many subs work well

    • True all of them work really well but Mind Power is hard on my brain because I’m seizure prone. One tip I remember is that no matter which one you listen to it must be listened to consistently for 21 days. 

  • I don’t like her way of making them. Too hard to listen to. Gives me a headache. Read the comments under her videos to give you an idea of results.

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