• dont ignore anything accept your reality because if you accept it  you are accepting to your subconscious that you already have the desire within you if you happen to look in the mirror just a quick look and brush it off dont examine anything

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  • I think it could help. I'm also working on my physical appearance. Going from a good looking person to below average. I know that I manifested this and it helped me to quit my job due to it. My job heavily relied upon my looks, and since I wanted to get out I manifested a way for me to stop... the deterioration of my physical appearance. I'm conflicted by the end result. Many months I couldn’t look myself in the mirror. I gave me grate anxiety to even see my reflection. I literally didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. I hated it with a passion. Ignoring the mirror wasn’t fixing the problem. Because the sight of a mirror or reflective service triggered my angst and all the negative feelings that I came to dread. I reaffirmed my discontentment with my current situation. So, I made it my mission to learn to accept and embrace myself for how I look CURRENTLY. My process is as follows: stand in front the mirror and inspect myself. feel appreciative that you have the guts to face yourself. Feel empowered that your facing the negative energy. By doing so you're softening your resistance to change. This small step is a big achievement for me. I no longer want to fight against the stream). 

    I affirm what I want; and improvement in facial and bodily features. When this will manifest I don’t know. All I know is that I can and do create my reality. I went from feeling unattractive my entire teens, to feeling great and sexy, and back to at feeling unattractive. And guess what... during these phases the outer world (by that I mean people) reflected/affirmed my believes.

    It's your belief that makes it so. Your thoughts is the movie that is projected on the canvas of live. Just like in the movie theater. It's hard to wrap your brains around. But your believes really create your reality. Like you I'm also working towards my desired outcome. But as most people, I get impatient and doubt start slipping in. Nothing in live is static. If nothing appears to be changing is due to your focus on the same undesired result. Thus, your circumstrances keep changing into the same thing.

    In closing, find out what your relation is to the mirror. you need to learn to accept and appreciate your current body. And know that your current body is just a reflection of your current expectations/believes. 


  • It all depends on how you feel looking in the mirror vs avoiding it. Avoiding mirrors didn't help me because it made me remember that I don't look the way I want to, so I was focused in the opposite direction every time I knew I would come up against a mirror/reflective surface. If you feel better looking in mirrors than avoiding them, it's better to not avoid them, but if you feel better avoiding them than looking in them, then it's better to avoid them. Manifestations are all about feelings, so choose which is best for you.

  • It depends. For some, a mirror can be a valuable tool in manifestation. For others, it is a hindrance. I personally avoid mirrors as much as possible. 

    Best of luck with your manifestations. 

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