• How would I contact, and what sorts of questions does she take?
  • I love Leeor so much and I talk to her all the time. We here are no experts, so if you ever need anything that can't be answered here, dm her or leave a comment. She puts a lot of time into her responses, sort of like a one on one.
  • Umm I need a thought on something I found on net, it not fully just loa related but I don't kno if would make stuff easier to believe, and it relates to a old story I think was removed from pi. So I was on net and I found a how to turn into a mermaid website, please bear with me, I'll explain what actually found. So the site talked about a thing called shifting, which that concept is not so diff from loa. Now in context of being a mermaid or were animal it a transformative stage. So I google it. I found a bunch of stuff tht say on average it takes six months. My point is loa can take shorter or longer but shouldn't have to. And it's just more to how well visualization works. What I google was to see if shifting could perm change body appearance. In context I'm using, it'd be u see changed self like a character and you make self them and basically it really entails feeling body change. Another reason I like this is cuz if it's too hard to say I am in present I think this method is equivalent of saying you are your favorite character. Basically I think believe wise it can remove stress about having to worry if your you or said other person, but in time you sill turn into it. As said some1 on pi actually did something like it a long time ago. Anyway no matter what I do i have confidence for 6 months or less now
  • Holistic Heather is another who is openly speaking on this subject

  • oh wow rizne777, is this really you? :)

    You know, I have been reading a lot about your old posts (especially with shipra and iris) and I have learnt a lot from your posts. Thank you! You have been around PI for a long time and it's great to see you coming back and finally "meet" you in person!

    BTW, how's your physical manifestation going? Any progress?



    • Hi Radioactive

      Do you mean the girl on Youtube!? No that's not me, just someone I found recently talking about changing physical appearance. I'm glad that my posts helped up, it's a process and you have to be consistent and being consistent is pretty much my issue. I do believe I'm near if I can stay persistent and apply everything I have leant consistently. I'll update everyone on my changes. 

    • Hi rizne777,

      Oh, I didn't mean the youtube video. :)

      I am just glad to finally "meet" you in our PI discussion forum. 

      About being consistent... uhm... I think that keep doing it is important, but I don't think that's the most important thing. 

      Also, you mentioned how you have trouble being consistent. Well, I do believe that behind every difficulty you encounter in LOA, there's something that's holding you back/ unresolved past issues/ negativity/ shadow self... For example, if you have consistency issue, it means that you don't feel good when you are on your path of manifestation- this is a problem, because whatever you are doing should make you feel good and effortless. Remember what Iris said, when you are taking the steps, you are just so "in" the feeling of it that you are not even doing it in order to make something happen. 

      If you don't feel that, it means there's something blocking/ hindering you, and you need to dig deep into yourself to find out what it is, then acknowledge it and forgive yourself. For example, is it the fear that you are never going to get it? OR the belief that you need to work your ass off/ be really hard working in order to get what you want? Listen to your heart (not your head), and find out what your shadow self is. 

      I once read an an analogy: every human being is like a diamond on the inside, but because of our past experiences and traumas accumulated, our "diamond" selves become dull and dark (because all the dirt- negativity- is covering up our diamond). Once, we remove the layer of negativity, our diamond will shine ever so brightly and positivity will naturally come out. So, it's not about adding positivity to ourselves (coz we are already perfect right from the start), but about removing the layers of negativity that as blocking our true selves from coming out. 



    • Radioactive

      You are spot on and it is a cycle, cannot break away from negativity constantly fee on me and just is a cycle. Consistency is not needed like to do an action but it is needing in feeling good about youself which is really the key. You have to feel of having the desire which just means feel good now with the same feelings you will after manifesting. Is is really a process and different fr everyone, I have definitely worked very hard all these years to remove negativity and blocks and finally can see my true self so I know it is there and will be received when I am ready.

      I have never believed in visualizing for a set time, I hardly ever did it unless the vision came naturally to me and felt good. I have always known it is not visualizing or any certain process but any process that makes you feel good and feel good in the now just as you have it all. My problem has always been going thru an emotional roller coaster, I have been good for a while tho so it is great. The reality is my perfect already exists and I can see it just fine, it will come to physical being when it feels ordinary and seems like the next lovical step. I have realized that my desires do not feel the most grand now like they did before, I possibly have felt wht I would feel with them on n off for a while so I know tht the next logical step is manifestation and I would not be surprised.
    • I'm glad you been doing better. Trust me we all have downs. I was in great spot then I was toggling sad and anger. Then I realized I get mad not sad. I'm not sorry I'm me and I'm not sorry for self, as again tht implies sorry for being me. I got courage to yell at mom lots earlier. I'm not saying it good but I used to think anger was bad, but ya know I'm sorry for nothing. But you should have heard what she said 1st. Anyway I finally stopped caring what she thought cuz I need to do tht at least for now to be better me. Is it just me or do family have lots a double standard? But we all manifested at some point, so we loosely know how. I hope things go better. Really no way now but up :)
    • I'm glad your still around too. I have a real old account I lost so I made a new 1 but I remember your posts too
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