My goals, and a couple questions.

Hello everyone! I joined this group awhile ago, but haven't made any posts yet, so I guess its about time!

I loooove Nicki Minaj. She is so beautiful, talented and amazing. She's my Idol. I always wanted to be just like her, but didn't want to endure any plastic surgery, of skin bleaching. When I found this group I was sooo overjoyed knowing this could now be a possibility for me.

I don't look like her at all. My skin is dark, I'm 5'6 while she's 5'2, my nose is many things. So i'm gonna change everything.From my face, to my body, to my height, to my teeth just to be like her. No, I don't have self-hatred. That's just how I prefer to look. So please don't get mad or anything. :)

Now, I do have some questions.

-What are some different methods I can use to achieve this goal?

-If I have children, will they look like the new me or the past me?

-How long did it take you to achieve your goal?

-How in the world will I explain my changing appearance to my family?

-Is it actually possible to shrink my height, and decrease the size of my hands and feet?

- Can I also change the way my voice sounds?

- Can I change my hair texture from rough and curly to smooth and straight?

That's all the questions I have for now. I'm sure I will have some later so i'll ask them in the comment box. Thanks for reading this~

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  • Great to hear that! :)
    Wish you success.
  • True. c:

    • Did your existing hair change from 4c to 3b or was the new growth 3b? Thank you.

    • My existing hair was changing. It got more softer and looser, but not how my new growth was. My new growth came out exactly how I wanted my hair to look, and my existing hair was in the process of changing to look like that. c:

  •     I told them I didn't know what on earth was going on and they believed me, haha. I honestly didn't expect it to be so easy.

  • With my face? No.

    With my hair? Yes.

        I have taken the advice to start with one thing at a time, and I selected my hair. It took me over 8 months to get to where I am, but it's so worth it! I have gone from 4c hair to 3a, and its still changing to this day!

        I will get to my face eventually and I'll be sure to update you. c:

  • This isn't magic, by the time you are able to get any results at all (if you do), you won't need to worry about what other people think.

  • About explaining your transformation to your family, you can say anything, like " it just happened" or " i dont know how it happened", actually many peoples change radically without any explanation.

    You also can make peoples accept you just by believing it, but is a bit more deep and few peoples will want do it.

  • Have you had any success?If so please reply :) . I'm working on changing my face completely too.
  • Good luck! ! (:
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