My success story & a few questions

For most of my not-so-long life( I am now 15), I've always had self-esteem issues. I don't know where they came from, I just never considered myself pretty. Things got worse when I was about 12 or 13 (Note: I've seen "The Secret" when I was 10, but it didn't interest me much because I was so young). The only guys that ever liked me were awkward and antisocial. I was a new kid and an outcast. Then, I remembered "The Secret" and decided to change my life. I still had some self-esteem issues, but I made a lot of new friends. It was all great until the middle of my freshman year. I had my "first love" (hate using that phrase but you know what I mean haha) and it all brought me down again. Things got worse, I had depression and social anxiety, I didn't talk to anyone except my close friends and I spent 3 weeks at home, sick (another way how our thoughts affect our bodies). My mom refused to take me to therapists and told me to use the secret-- AND IT WORKED. Not only I became a happy person, I am now fully content with myself and I improved my grades so much that I couldn't believe it because it was mathematically impossible. When this summer started, I started reading a list of affirmations, and one of them was about being attractive to the opposite sex. I started noticing changes immediately. I started getting attention from guys everywhere, wherever I go, ever at a pizzeria. Of course, things get a little extreme sometimes, like thirty year olds giving me their numbers, or getting modeling job offers from clubs because I look 18 while I am actually 15 (AWKWARD!). It's amazing because just a few months ago I couldn't imagine anyone normal being attracted to me!  

But there's one thing that is very hard for me. I am not sure how to manifest small physical changes because I can't stop checking for them! And it's really important, because I am in a modeling agency, and I might need braces but we cannot afford them right now. I really wish I could use the LOA to straighten one of my teeth and get rid of my stretchmarks (that are starting to fade by the way), but I don't know how to do it. Affirmations work the best for me but I don't know how to phrase them about my stretchmark issue (since I can't say that "I have no stretchmarks"). Any ideas?

Thank you

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  • Here's a success story about stretchmarks  -

    I completely agree with jota. Just affirm your skin is perfect all over! Don't even mention the stretchmarks. Lookingfor changes is somewhat difficult to stop at first, but like with all habits persistence is key. Whenever you want to check for results, resist it. You might think that just because the thought of checking came up it already counts as having checked, but it's not like that. At those moments just say your affirmations and go on with your day. After a while, maybe not even that long, you'll find yourself looking for results less and less and voila - one day you're not doing it at all. You could also use the times you feel like looking for evidence as reminders you're not that person anymore and you don't look like that. Then think of the feeling of checking and seeing the desired result.

    Abraham-Hicks Discussion
    Abraham-Hicks Discussion
  • Many peoples use the word  " no" in the affirmation and it Works , but since peoples make a belief that the word no can have bad effects , you can just imagine you skin clean or just say a affirmation " my skin is clean and beuatiful and soft "


    Or my teeths are perfect and White and etc..


    You are luck , affirmattions is the easy and free method that exist , maybe is this a reason why gurus say this dont work ( but it workd marvelously_

  • Thank you Karina! Definitely going to try the list of affirmations. 

    I am one year younger than you, but really want to stop having such a bad self-esteem.. 

    hopefully I will grow to become as succesfull as you have become at LOA!


  • Thank you :)

    I've tried many methods, and I'm sure they're effective, but I also prefer affirmations.

    When I had self-esteem issues, I'd say "I am beautiful and intelligent", "I am confident", and my most favorite "I am happy". I repeat the last one whenever I'm having a bad day, and something instantly boosts up my mood :)

    I also started using "I am attractive to the opposite sex" in the beginning of June and it started working right away!

  • Thank you! :)

    I'm familiar with cell-talking, hypnosis,visualization and NAPs, but my favorite method is 68 seconds of pure thought but Abraham Hicks which is very similar to affirmations. I mean I've manifested some physical changes, like I became overall more attractive, my body got more fit (even though I didn't go any sports except for P.E. at school), my nose got a little bit longer. Lately, my cheekbones have been more defined,(one of the things on my list) even though I gained a little weight. The problem with stretchmarks is that I am not sure how to correctly phrase my affirmations. I cannot say that there is no stretchmarks on my body because that's a negative statement.. Cons of not being a native english speaker 

  • Hi Karina that's awesome! I'm so happy for you!! Would you mind sharing some of the affirmations you used? They tend to work for me to :) Thank you!

  • Lol. Yes Bruce believes.

  • Really? I was under the impression that Lipton does believe in eye color and hair color change. I mean that's what "genes" are all about and the ability to change genes or switch them on and off should, by definition, include eye color and hair color (and other colors, etc) change.

    • Interesting fact: people with blue eyes are believed to have the same ancestor, and guess what? The theory is blue eyes used to be BROWN until the gene for brown eyes was "switched off" or rather, incompletely expressed, giving rise to blue eyes. :)
  • No do not read about Bruce Lipton. Bruce believes you can turn your Genes on and off. I completely agree with this but i realised Bruce Does not believe that pre-determined genetics can be changed. Like hair colour, eye colour height and all. But they deffinetally can be changed and its really not that hard to change them.

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