My success story with pictures for proof

For most of my life, I was a dark-skinned girl with average features and a skinny body. Throughout my teen years I wanted to look pretty, have slightly lighter skin to compliment my features and have a slender body. My mom pressurized me to apply fairness creams and face packs and despite using them for years, it didn't do anything for my skin. My body was fairly proportionate but I yearned to have a lean, skinny physique with a tiny waist. I gave up on this completely stopped thinking about it when I was 19.

Browsing through old pictures made me realize how different I look now.

Without realizing, my face started to change. My skin tone is now a few notches lighter and I think my facial features may have changed a tad bit as well. My figure is exactly how I want it although I may need to put on a few pounds now. The pictures below show one of when I was 18 and 2 more taken a few days ago. I use minimal makeup and it shows in the pictures (only eye liner and lipstick, no powder or foundation). The change in my complexion is very conspicuous, not just my face but my entire body.

I do not follow any skin care routine, eat anything and everything I want to without the fear of gaining weight and my hair is glossy and straight as pins.

From my experience, letting go of your desires is the key to manifesting results. Once I 'gave up' and stopped thinking about my appearance, changes began happening.

Similarly, I manifested a job as editor of a fashion magazine, and I'm 21.

I don't intend to brag, I'm just high on life and loving everyday as it comes! This is for all you non-believers and skeptics...LOA is true and you CAN have anything you want, just believe and send your intention out to the universe. I can share more pictures if you still don't believe me!

Please share your success stories and keep believing in the power within yourself! 

Cheers!! :)




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  • congrats ! :)

  • so you didnt do nothing what the hell did you actually do to get it

  • Where's the pics?
  • I've seen her pictures long time ago and I thought it was the lighting but now it looks to me she changed her race.

  • Wow your complexion, huge chnage!

  • how long did it take to manifest after "giving up"

  •       Girl

    You are stunning!!  I just want to say Thank You Thank You Thank You! You really helped me understand why things aren't happening for me. There are a couple of questions I have to ask you. Can I apply this to other situations in my life? Like if I wanted my drivers license. If yes what are the steps that should be followed?  Thanks so much again:)

  • What do you think of trying to manifest other things besides good looks at the same time?

  • I love seeing a success story.  Congrats! You look great and I wish you the best in your career endeavors!

  • This gilr make a great creation not matter what excuses Skepitcals say, she just changed her color, simple like that.

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