My success with changing my Physical Appearance.

Growing up in Elementary School I was teased for my appearance. I was a very quirky, awkward child and had earned the title, "Bucky the Bucktooth Beaver" you can guess what attribute gave me that nickname. Thankfully I was raised by good parents and was taught kept my chin up and ignore all negative comments. I didn't let anything effect my outlook on myself (as far as I'm aware). My mother had received a book from a Co-worker and decided she didn't want to read it (she doesn't enjoy that kind of thing) she then gave me the book, "The Secret". I skimmed through it, and wasn't interested in learning much more. The only thing that I applied to my life at that point was keeping a positive outlook. 

My parents could never afford the Orthodontic treatment that I needed. To my "luck" my uncle had moved nearby and began practicing Orthodontics, resulting in free braces and a hyrbst to fix my over-bite. My appearance was much better but still I wasn't really easy on the eyes.

When it came time to move on to middle school, I chose to leave my bully classmates and continue my schooling in a different city. There I was no longer bullied and was able to steadily build my self esteem. I started putting more effort into myself but stopped constantly gazing into the mirror for it would down my spirits and I didn't like that. Whenever I felt down about myself I would browse the web and study fashion magazines admiring the girls' beauty as if it were my own. Personally I always feel better after doing this. I myself didn't notice the drastic change until I went to a football game for my old school district. Former Classmates would nudge their friends and ask "Who's that hot girl over there?"

Some who I had kept contact with, would answer "That's Briyanna, from elementary school."  They would then protest in disbelief until they had talked to me themselves. That night it became obvious to me how much I had physically improved. I proceeded to go to Mcdonalds (I know really bad) and there I didn't have to pay for a thing! Boys were handing me full drinks and meals, before I knew it I was surrounded by teenage boys and food!

It's been years since then, and I have a much greater love and appreciation for myself. I thank the Universe for such a loving outcome! I appreciate my looks but I think it'd be fun to try something new.  I'm working on changing my eye color, growing out my hair, thinning out my nose a bit and maybe even plumping my lips up. I'm looking for something in-between Barbra Palvin and Abigail Halliday. Any advice is welcome(: I just wanted to share my story for those in need of inspiration. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

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  • Very inspiring story Briyanna, thanks for sharing it. Can't wait to try this out :)

  • Thanks for the inspiring story! This is pretty cool, I was just looking at old photos (middle school) and I was really taken aback by how different I looked. During my visit to my highschool after two years, I was told by my teachers about how different and great I looked. The universe is amazing! All I did was collect pictures of pretty people and admire them like you did :)
  • I saw pictures of celebrities, models and even just beautiful people as if they were in a catalog. I would spend less time thinking about the actual person I was admiring and more thinking of how beautiful that feature is and felt as if it was mine. Ever since I was little I would do this, just simply plan out what I would look at and basically expect it. Being young I still have this expectation that as I get older I will get more and more beautiful and even closer looking to those I admire. If you constantly compare yourself to others' looks this will provoke negative emotion, instead try focusing less on what they have and more on what YOU have or want as if it's YOURS. If negative emotion comes out of the process I'd recommend not doing this(:

    • What you were doing,Briyanna reminds me very much of what someone in The Secret discribed as ordering from the catalogue of the Universe. :-)

  • How'd you appreciate others beauty as your own? Curious. :)
  • My bone structure drastically changed! My nose is less wide, my "five head" is now a forehead, my cheek bones are higher and my jaw and chin are no longer sunk in. I haven't seen old photos of myself for a long time so I'm not sure if these are the only changes. This did take some time(: but I noticed the process truly sped up and became obvious when I began admiring others' beauty as my own :D   Middle school (2 years) was a jaw-dropping change. Thank you! (: I wish you the best in all your endeavors as well

    • Briyanna, your story is truly inspiration and I appreciate you sharing it with us! How long did it take to make your jaw and chin more defined? That is one thing I am working on myself right now.

    • Thank you(; I wasn't paying much attention to actually measure the time, but based on prior knowledge the biggest change occurred within the transition for 7th to 8th grade, I'd say about a good 6 months.

  • Thank you for sharing your story, Briyanna.  What kind of facial changes did you experience after you started to appreciate the beauty of others as if it was your own?  Your story is certainly inspiring and I wish you all the best with your current desired changes.  Thanks.

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