Natalie's Technique

I don't know if it's been reposted, but I saved this years ago. This is a compilation of her technique. I don't think it was just one post, I think it was a compilation of responses as well 

Natalie’s Ways for Physical Change

Hello all, my name is Natalie and I just joined. I have come across an amazing way to make your physical changes take place and the two roots are belief and visualization. It is not as you would have originally thought or as you have been practicing before. It takes a much deeper and profound belief than any of us have been using. You must realize that your old self no longer exists and that your new self is in its place. You must stop seeing your old self and be able to see your new self with your imagination. When you look in the mirror, do not see your old feature; do not focus on your old feature changing. That implies that your old feature is still there. You must focus on your new feature being there already. Replace your old feature with a visualization of your new feature. Do not see your old feature anymore. Erase it from your mind and only allow yourself to see your new feature. With a just a bit of time, your new feature will go from being just a visualization to its rightful place in the physical world. That is how I have come to understand physical change. That is how I have made it faster and more permanent. You must see yourself as already having your new feature, not as "changing into it". You already have it. Now you must see it.



My figure and my breast size. I have gone from a cup C to a cup D in a matter of days and I have dropped at least two dress sizes in the same amount of time. I have realized that what people believe about "needing to exercise for weight loss" and "needing to work for money" are all false. You can believe that your body is the way you want it to be, see it as that, know that it is that way and within a few days your desired changes will begin to take place. The strongest aspect that I have found to be necessary is letting it go. This doesn't mean forgetting about it, it means not worrying about it. If you are afraid that you aren't going to change then you won't. Once you let go of your fears and let what you want to happen happen on its own, because you trust that it will, you allow your confidence to manifest your desire swiftly and easily. Because you believe it will.


I didn't really do it for "minutes per day" I did it continuously. I replaced my old figure with my new one, no longer seeing or feeling the one that I had before and now feeling the one that I desired. It is like Neville's Imagining recording: replace what you have see before with what you desire to see, except don't only do it when you're falling asleep, do it every moment of every day. Replace it in your living world because that is where your reality exists.


In your case, replace the skin you have at the moment with visions and feelings of flawless and perfect skin. Give your flawless skin all of the sensory vividness that you would give your regular skin, expect don't feel the skin you had before anymore, you are replacing that now. Now you have flawless skin. Feel it. See it. Do the same thing for your cheekbones. Know what they look like and know what they feel like. Replace the way your current cheekbones feel on your face with the way your desired cheekbones feel. Feel it. See it. Make it so that what you desire is in your reality every moment of every day and so that the reality of what you had before no longer exists. You no longer have any blemishes on your skin, you have flawless skin. You no longer have cheekbones that you are unhappy with, you have the cheekbones that you have always dreamed of having, prominent and beautiful.



I'm in sort of a similar situation with a lot to focus on and what I am doing is replacing my entire existence with the once I want to have. Write down everything you want to have in your life: exams, the job, soul mate, looks. Know exactly how you want them to be and then replace your perception of your reality now as being the reality you want it to be. With everything in place. With LOA, you don't have to do things in a specific set time or only one thing at a time, it is about knowing that you can change whatever you want, whenever you want by changing your perception of reality. Erase your perception of the reality you have now and replace it with completely vivid sensory feelings of the way you want your life to be. With everything. Just have your life the way you want it to be as the way you are living now. Don't have your life as the way you don't want it to be. That doesn't exist anymore for you.


You are going to pass your exams, of course! That is your reality. Of course you will get the job you want. That is your reality. You will find your soul mate because that is what your reality is. Your looks are exactly the way you want them to be because that is your reality. It only feels like you have so much to do because that is your perception of it. Change it to everything being very simple and that is how it shall be.


You can, of course, take it step by step. You can do it any way you want. That is what this is about, what you want. Let it flow with what you truly want to happen first. Just kind of say to yourself "I need to pass my exams now, so it is my reality that I have passed my exams." Then you can focus on the fact that you have gotten the job, if you would like to only focus on your exams while you are going toward those. You can focus on everything at once and choose when those specific things will happen, specific dates or areas of time, and you don't need to feel overwhelmed because things will happen just the way you want them to because that is your reality. And because that is the way you see your life, that is the way everyone else will see it too because your energy emits that frequency to them. You will exist as that person that you want to be and your reality will be solidly and concretely real. Just replace what you have now with what you want. Good luck! I know you can do it!


I am so glad that I have been able to help you. Manifesting money is the same as manifesting everything else. Know you can and don't be afraid that you can't. You don't have the money you want right now because you believe that you have that specific, set amount. If you believed that you had all of the money that you could possibly need or want, and you knew that was true, then it would happen. As for getting yourself to believe it, that comes from letting go of your fears that it can't be true. Being able to believe that something is true and being able to do something that we want is only possible if we have gotten past our fears about it first.


Explore your fears of being without money and what kind of life you have lived without it. Think of the very worst situation you could be in if you didn't have money and how you would handle it and then realise that life would only be that way because you would think it was that way. Your life is a result of your thoughts. If you want to have all of the money in the world then know that you can have it and don't be afraid that you can't because there is no reason that you can't have all of the money that you dream of. There is no reason that you can't look exactly the way you want to look. You just have to believe that you can to anything you want to do and not be afraid that you can't.



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  • thank you Sovereign :*
  • I have wondered that issue before and reached the following conclusion: act in your imagination. If you don't have the money in the bank to go to that fancy restaurant, go anyway, in your imagination. And consider the following: nearly everything we know about the "real world" is a construct in your mind, which you always have the power to change. What I mean by that is this, say you are rich, and are in bed listening to some music. How do you know you are rich? Well you remember that Ferrari in your driveway... but that is just an idea in your head, you are not physically looking at it. In your imagination you can be in your fancy room in your mansion, with your Ferrari in your driveway and that lingerie model taking a bath in preparation to go that awesome party where you'll meet your favorite movie star... no matter how poor you are. Because all those things, even once you are rich, at that moment exist only "in your head", they are not immediate sensory impressions. So learn the art of pretending. Close your eyes and pretend that in front of you is what you want to see. That you are where you want to be. Even if you can't see well in your mind, you can still pretend, with your eyes closed, that the Ferrari is in front of you, you can "feel" its presence.

    • Hey Sovereign, thank you so much for taking the time to reply! :)

      And yes, you got exactly what I was trying to figure out! I mean I do visualizations of going to expensive restaurants and upscale boutiques, but I just did not get how to mime a 'wealthy' lifestyle without the wealth. When you said ''So learn the art of pretending. Close your eyes and pretend that in front of you is what you want to see. That you are where you want to be'' - it really cleared some doubts in my mind. Thank you for your help :)


      One of Neville's best lectures.

      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • Really glad I was able to help! Don't forget to invite me out to lunch sometime.

    • This is a great conversation. Also, I like how y'allwrite. That is some sassy syntax! Hehehe.

  • Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Natalie's techniques to manifest money? If yes, then could you kindly explain how does one go about ''believing'' that he/she has all the money in the world? I mean it has to be more than just ''feeling'' right? It has to show in your everyday actions and habits; so how does one do that?

  • For that, I've developed a few work-around methods. One, I try to use angles that flatter my body. Use a door mirror, but prop it up against a wall instead, so that the slight concave causes you to look slimmer. Use flattering light near the mirror.

    When you see yourself in the mirror, close your eyes and reimagine your face/body but exactly the way you want it. Don't change the surroundings or light in your visualisations, but just replace your body as you want it in the now. It should feel current, now, within reach. Make that visualisation powerful! :)

    Within no time, it'll appear in reality. Just trust.

  • Does that mean, we should not look in the mirror and avoid looking at that part of our body and just walk around believeing and feeling like we have what we want to have? But won't it be disappointing when you catch a glimpse of yourself or you try on jeans and you're not there? Plus when you look down at yourself while dressing up?

  • Thank you so much! Some days ago I've read about The Thaí's physical changing succes story using The Natalie's technique. And I've tried to find it out there on google, but I didn't find anything hahaha. Then, two or three days later as much, you posted it here. I really desired to know this technique. I guess that I'm note the only one that was waiting for this knowledge. I mean, The Law Of Attraction place you in our way. Thank you universe, ande thank you Anne, for sharing this amazing technique with us. My best hopes for you!


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