• LMAO

      I swear , you have issues that go way beyond the spectrum of this forum. I am here to grow taller not to be "prettier" you dumb ass. and dont duh me , take your trash elsewhere, this place isnt for u. You aint getting prettier  with the amount of poison you carrying around .. and especially projecting your "stupid" as fuck insecurities on other girls here. I have been here for 3 years, my goal is to grow and Adrianas picture is because I have been told many times that i resemble her and for privacy reasons. And yeah, Getting real...hahaha oh honey you are at the wrong place ..its all VIBRATIONAL REALITY here,  SO DO US ALL A FAVOR GTFO. 

    • Wow, this got heated quicklyy. Just read all of it.

      Veryyyy entertaining stuff if i must say hehe :D

    • I'm glad you're entertained Scorpie lol I think people are too oversensitive. I have been severely bullied because of my physical appearance in the past and when people pretend that no one is physically ugly, it's one of my pet peeves. It's extremely dismissive of something that has impacted my life in every single way. It's like they try to protect themselves from the truth. In any case, I've found already a couple of manifestation buddies and happy with it. But still, anyone is free to reach out to me. 

    • Woahh the ghettoness came out

      :D :D

    • You have issues.

    • says the one who started a thread "need an ugly girl as a manifesting buddy" . :) 

    • I'd rather be realistic than think I look like Adrianna Lima like some delusional narcissist. 


    • I said, people tell me that I resemble her my dear lmao learn to read and even if I didnt  I am certainly far from"hideous minded" freak like yourself, you came here trying to play a victim card but I can tell you right now that you will never be what you want with the mindset that you have ever. You are  one hideous person on the inside which is what  reflecting on the outside. also, you sound  way too dumb to even diagnose someone with delusions and narcissism anyway, given that I minored in psych I can smell you from miles away. PEACE OUT  

  • Ok? Not really groundbreaking because most people know that but they don't know HOW. I think I know how, but it requires daily dedication, and I want to find another girl who's as desperate as me to change her appearance and for us to keep each other motivated. Also I find that I can relate more to genuinely unattractive girls more than pretty girls with insecurities.
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