• What other forums do you use?

    • It wasn't on a forum, it was a chat room. 

    • You don't need an ugly girl to be manifesting buddies. She might change her appearance but not you because you're desperate. Then you're going to be jealous of your manifesting buddy.

    • I'm not desperate. Don't make stuff up. 

  • So, found any ugly girls yet? 

  • Oversensitive about what?   are you saying This group was made for collectively hideous people? Most people are here to increase height, loose or gain weight, health issue etc not to be prettier although some are, but to claim that this forum is for ugly people is ridiculous .  She was being overly offensive herself if you went a step further and read what she wrote , " My thread, stupid comment" like a cat marking territory.  She personally attacked me for writing a comment. anyways this is a waste of time.I wont discuss this further. If she was nice enough, members would've helped her out as of now, good luck on haunting for an ugly buddy .ciao

    • To be honest the way you reacted looked like you took it personal. My first reaction was similar to yours 'what a weird and obnoxious request'. But then again, everyone has the right to share their thought, how inappropriate this might seem to some people. If you don't like something in this world you have the right to look elsewhere. I find it great that this person is being honest. Personally I find politically incorrect people very refreshing. 

      I hope Sal and other co-creators find each other and grown. It would do you good to allow people to create in their unique way if it doesnt directly influence you personally. 


    :D :D 

    I'm a girl btw. Thank you for your comment. Denying that ugly people exist is one of my pet peeves.

  • You guys need to stop being so oversensitive. Being ugly exist, That's why this group was made. He's just experimenting. If the dude simply asked for a manifesting buddy, no one would be complaining so just grow up.

  • lol I wouldn't say I'm ugly(After all society seems more geared toward European standards of beauty and I don't fit that really lol) but I am a highly motivated person who is setting out to change my appearance. Mostly tweaking different here and there because I still want to keep some of my uniqueness, which can only be achieved through looking at least a LITTLE weird I'd say.

    Am I desperate? No, I don't want this journey to consume my life. I believe taking a dedicated, yet light hearted approach would be best. But if I'm not what you're looking for I say good luck dude.
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