Hello,I'm new to this group, I discovered it sometime ago and read most of the threads.I did a rhinoplasty half a year ago and I don't like the result. In general it's ugly...and too short for my face.I had a big nose with the bump on it and I always hated it and wanted to change it. But now I regret about it sooo much...I want to get my big nose back :(It wasn't so nice but now, when I look to my old photos I see that it suited me.And I really don't like this new nose, the doctor made a mistake..I can do of course the second surgery to fix it, but I really don't want to do it..and I'm not sure if its fixable.So I was reading some threads and I discovered the techniques that some of the members were using:Cell talking;Visualisation;I'm already doing this. I guess I don't have enough faith, and I can't love and accept my new nose.I would be grateful if you could give me some tips and advices ...

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  • Thank you so much for your reply! 

    I guess I need some motivation. Also I didn't find Feya's method on how she did it. Do you remember it? Or maybe there is a thread where she was talking about it. Unfortunatelly I couldn't find it :( 

  • Oh no guys!!!! Feya really did delete her pictures... Eish. But for what it was worth she was a huge inspiration. When I first saw her results I was like: !!!!!!!!. And on top of that she did it in only three weeks! Absolutely Amazing.
    I saved her pics but recently deleted them off my phone for space. I think I might have them on my PC though... I will check for you VioletF!
  • Thank you Ruby!

    Of course I couldn't read everything, but I read quite a lot of threads that seemed interesting. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't find any posts of Feya. I found about Natalies method, David's cell talking method and there were some posts about Nina Zarechnaya, who also changed her nose shape. 

    I'll look more for it.

  • Thank you for all your support...I trully appreciate this. And your succeses with cell talking is really amazing, especially the tooth grow..

    I didn't know about all this LOA stuff couple of month ago, but I guess I manifested some things in my live unconsciously...I have this habit to dream before sleeping, so a lot of things that I dreamt about came true. Even the negative thoughts came true, so now I'm trying to think only about good things, since I know about LOA :D

    And I also have lots of negative thoughts and I'm quite sceptic person. I need lots of proves to believe in something. Now I'm trying to believe to this cell talking stuff and LOA. I mean believe to it.. but at the same time I have some doubts. Cause I didn't see any proves. 

    Anyways I'm doing cell talking,meditation and visualisation. I really want to try everything, but not to go for the second surgery.  Although I don't see any difference on my nose, some people told me that my nose looks better :D 

    I'm trying to be optimistic.. 

    Thank you for your support! 

  • After Feya deleted her posts of how she changed her nose some people asked about what she had typed. There is a thread here somewhere of what she stated and how she fixed her nose to her liking. You should find. It's in the replies to the person who posted the thread just minus the photos. You should really look for it, it could be helpful.
  • Glad see you here yet Higher Self :)

  • Thank you for your reply Adriana.
    I've read about Feya on some of the threads but I didn't find none of her posts.
    • she deleted it that why.

    • Hello ViletF,

      Just relax a bit because help is on the way.....Now from what I understand is that you had a rhinoplasty done on your nose because you perceived your nose as being too big......ok ,I understand.....and now your nose seems more upturned and falls looking..... I have a lot of friends who have had the same procedure done and seem to think the same thing.......What you want to do right now is to try to accept your nose as it is(even if that may be hard at the moment).......whatever you do, do not go back to your plastic surgeon, he will only make things worse........From my experiance, I too have a big nose but I have made it smaller through "cell talking"....it may take time...about a week or so to see results but I've managed to make my nose smaller....It's about a third smaller if you understand what I mean....And the fun part comes when you can shape it in any form you like.....that's what I'm doing at the moment.......I'm going for a Don Johnson shaped nose....but it takes time and dedication and most of all you have to have to talk to your "cells" in a loving manner.......you can try to instruct them and and tell them what do......If that works for you then more power to you.....but in the end only "love" will work more efficiently .......All I can tell you is that I've grown back a tooth.....have made a couple of scars disappear on my face....and I'm 39 years old.......The thing about this dimension is that you can do whatever you want...be whoever you want be..... but it takes time, witch discourages everyone.... so pick a plan VioletF and follow it through...No Matter What..........the "cell talking" procedure is explained in David's thread, and It Works........



      Talking to Cells!
      About a year ago YoungHenry created a thread where he asked if there was any method to increase his height and David introduced us to his 'Talking to…
    • Hello HigherSelf !

      First of all thank you very much for your support and time. I was at my surgeons just to show him that he did a bad job and he even suggested me that he could the second surgery for me, to fix the nose. But of course even if I decide to do the second surgery I will never go to him... It's been 5 month already, first I could even look at the mirror, because all the time I was looking at myself I was starting to cry.. but now it's more or less Ok.  

      I've never met a person who has grown a teeth.. nice to hear that nothing is impossible.

      I was reading this thread about cell talking, and I'm using it for 2 days already. I hope my body will hear me... Should I say "cell" or "nose" , like cells please make my nose the same like it was before surgery?  How long it take to you to make your nose smaller? 

      I'm also using visualisations and meditation...I guess I'm too much obssesed with my nose.

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