Need support, been a while "/

Hey guys...

so its been a while since ive been on here.. **deep sigh* I gained a GRIP of weight. 

when i was after my goal body on here i didnt realize i was actually kinda close until now.. looking back at pix of myself on my phone. 

there has been some really heavy personal stuff about my daughter that went on .. since the beginning of the year.. family stuff and financial blah blah but anyway the point is that its extremely heavy and stressful.

However one of my manifestations that i accomplished was just being more strong minded in general and seriously, I would not have been able to handle all of this a few years ago..

in saying that.. now that im more yogi like and at peace.. i became a fat ass!

EVERYONE has been telling me how much weight i gained! ive been going to the gym EVERYDAY beast workouts like i sweat so much, eat right.. and i gain weight or just stay the same.

even my friend who is a personal trainer and knows that ive been doing more than i ever have before is like we need to figure out whats going on with you.

simple minded folk would say its stress hormones blah blah 

but i know my leading edge creators ;) know.. that it is something in my vibration.

any suggestions?! I used to eft, cell talk and VISUALIZE like mad.. as of a couple of days ago ive been listening to hypnosis subliminals from youtube on success and finances which has actually helped... so im going to start doing that for weight loss as well.

I also recently got healing crystals for my root chakra at an awesome store.. (beautiful stones) which i got primarily to feel grounded, secure, and supported.. but this also has to do with your finances and WEIGHT issues. I literally carry them everywhere I go with them in a bag i got from the shop

even if you dont have suggestions .. just encouraging words would be amazing? 

thanks babes. namaste bitches.

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  • You are creating your reality , its your power. Easy say it , now , you have to prove it to yourself , weight is a matter of mind , this is the reason why peoples run like crazy , go to gym , make diets , and yet , gain weight .


    Theres theses two books here " freedom from food " Patricia Bisch , she talk about applying Quantum Physics to weight problem , if you buy it , share :)


    Another good book is Squared by Pam Grout , this is a great book to who want direct experience from your power , she explain very well about the subject .


    Good Luck :)

  • the more we think on all messures to reduce weight
    more they take away our energy
    n nothing happens
    it just leaves us dishartened
    simply keep thinkin about the goal weight

    can also try switchwords too
    more u chant more u create energy for ur desired result
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