new to cell talking

id like to try this, i like to do it every hour like suggested but, how to know when its time so you arnt constantly peeking at the clock in desperation. i like to also know how to control a desperate feeling cuz i know desperate is a neg vibe cuz it dont feel good to be desperate

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  • have you tried this before?? how long does it take to see results? I guess it depends on the level of fat you hae right??

    Also if i wanted fat from all over do i command in one area, then move to anothe rtill i have covered my whole body?


    • your cells are HIGHLY intelligent; talk to them the way you want - they will completely understand you.

  • You have to do your hand over a part of body and then command cells to burn fat there..
  • Awesome thanks, do u mean one part f the body? As I was hoping since all my cells have fat in them to tell them daily to burn x amount of fat??7
  • First you must focus on one part and when you feel its perfect then you must move onto would be more effective :)

  • Amazing thanks so much, massively helpful!!!!

    Quick question can I do multiple areas on my body at one time or do I have to stick to one thing at the time till it starts to change:

    For example, I want to lose a lot of fat, could I tell my cells to burn fat cells around my thighs, and then do my hair, and then my eyes all in one command, every hour/othe hour, or do I JUST do one at the time, then the next hour do another area, then the next another are??

    Sorry if that didn't make much sense!!
    • as many as you want. it the intention that counts, some might think to many will slow it down, but im pretty sure once u start sending your intentions out to the universe it starts working, u cant ask for too much at once like we once believed when our parents said its not good to ask for everything at once, to me it just makes no sense since the universe has unlimited power and uses no effort to return your intended results/beliefs to you. there are no limits to the universe:)

  • No need for the link..heres the file..

  • Error :(

  • I have just tried and it said error... Should I type it out letter by letter?.

    Thanks :-)
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