• Very sexy! I want to manifest bigger breasts as well haha

  • I like the grundge look too! The answer is really all over the board. People try to complicate it with all of these steps but find the one that settles best with you.

  • My ideal figure. I like the ultra-feminine look. :)


  • i would love to look like Sky Ferreira! i'm very interested in the idea of being alternatively beautiful--dramatic features that exceed plainess, but aren't standard in the views of beauty. 


    for the most part, i'm pretty happy with the way i look, but i thought this would be an interesting thing to try. how would i begin to "manifest" this? i've come across many different things and feel somewhat overwhelmed...

    i know there are specific things i want from here that Sky has-- long legs and a longer neck (as well a couple traits of mine that i would like to banish). 

    again... how do i begin to manifest?

  • That is the most exaggerated pear-shaped figure I've ever seen!

  • 7297360473?profile=originalI like Tanya Katysheva's look, very unique and memorable.

  • 7297342063?profile=originalI'm already curvy, but not as curvy as her. I also want my blond hair back, now it's dark blond. When I achieve, I'll post photos. :) 

  • I don't have a concrete goal right now. Appearance wise, what do you like to see in a guy?

  • Ninah clearing your mind does wonders. The more focused you are the better.

  • Using a picture can do wonders. See if you can find a picture that looks as close to what you want as possible. That's what I'm doing. The picture I posted here (and have as my profile picture) are what I desire to look like. It helps because you have a solid image to visualize. Good luck. 

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