• My goal! Is increasing Height with 4inches, im also trying to gain muscle mass a bit faster.

  • OMG,  does legs are so disusting, pls dont change into that :( Im trying to help you!

    • Thank you for your opinion. I'm sorry that you don't see the beauty in them the way I do, but everyone has didifferent points of view.
    • I understand that, but I used to really want to be extremely thin, too.  I was in a really disordered state mentally, though.  Just be careful :s

    • I've also struggled with an eating disorder in the past, and although I'm recovered and healthy now, I still wish to be that thin.
    • Ohh.  Well as long as you're not starving yourself and it's coming 100% from your mind power, it should be fine :>  I still hope that maybe eventually you'll realize that you don't have to be that thin.  The biggest thing that made me want to be normal/slightly chubby is that it's really youthful and I always want to be a pre teen/early teens :>  I know that lots of feminine boys are thin, but there are tons that are average/normal and it looks healthier <3

    • They are very, very skinny, yikes :s

  • we will my friend! visualize and meditate. feel grateful do eft , we gonna get there happy new year

    • I grew an over inch age 19 1/2 (I'm a girl) by believing last summer, I hadn't grown in years prior to that!

  • I'm becoming a little more like this, this year. Maybe a little more masculine, but I like the idea of being a girly boy.

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