Hi sweethearts. About a month ago I picked up my first ever law of attraction book, The Map. I thought it was absolutely amazing and I've been reading whatever I could get my hands on since. I've listened to a lot of subliminal affirmations as well as a few Abraham Hicks videos. However, my ideal manifestation is a little different than just weight loss.I was born a woman, and I want to be a boy.Specifically, a skinny boy. I'm not very skinny as I am- about thirty pounds overweight- and I know I can lose them with LOA. I read the topic a few pages down that asked about transgender changes, and I semi-know that it's possible. If anyone wants to give me a few tips on clearing my blocks about this, it would be super useful.

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  • Clearing mental blocks is easy. The key to importing a belief is to... believe, persist, and believe and persist, until you succeed. Try not to doubt yourself and over-analyse. You will know when it finally "clicks".Reading success stories certainly helps.

    It's great to see people getting ambitious with their goals. Looking forward to your success.

  • Which language was the book written in? Do you remember the title of the book?

  • This is really inspiring, thank you!
  • Hello, my English is not good, but I will give my best hahaha

    Once I read a book written by a philosopher named Montaigne. He was born in 1533. In one chapter he talks about the power of imagination and tells us some examples he has seen or read about . He cites some examples of patients who were cured and women who became men. He even met a man named Maria-Germano (I do not know translate names, but Maria is a female name and Germano is a male name). He says it is not uncommon. I may be wrong, but I could see that at that time people were more affected by the imagination than us, perhaps the TV and cinema have taken or diminished our ability to be impressed with what we imagine .

  • Tell your girlfriend that she's very lucky to have a supportive partner like you (:
  • Hi! :D My Girlfriend is also a boygirl except that she was born a boy and wants to be (and is) a boyish girl mix, hee :> I think that one of the best things you can do is imagine and pretend as much as you can. Living and acting as if you already have what you want generates the feelings/essence of what you want and the more you do that, the more it solidifies in your current reality.

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