Nose Magic from Japan?

apparently there is new device called Nose Magic to change the shape of your nose, make it smaller, thinner, taller or straighter depending on where you put it within 2 weeks or a month. it's non surgical


i was wondering whether anybody has tried it?

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  • I don't find those nose clip reviews on youtube accurate, because they don't show before and after photos.

  • Do keep using your nose clip, but like I said blend it in with the law of attraction method. Are you by any chance Asian? You look pretty in that photo. I can imagine you looking Eurasian.
  • The unique rule is faith or belief...sometimes its impressive how peoples stick with rules about what the gurus say with such ferocity...for example the word want is not the problem its the atachment , nothing to do with the word ,its the mentality.

    those who have seen the "odesseyofthesoul" thread and I've seen it too a couple of times. It's very inspiring, but only a couple of problems with it. and I'm not trying to complicate things here but some things don't mach up with LOA.

    first, the lady said that she looked in the mirror and said " see that bump there", " I don't want that bump there", " i want it like that there". Now the thing is, is that she says something she doesn't want when she says " I don't want that bump there".. correct me if I'm wrong but LOA states that you must always say or intend what you want, Not what you don't want because then you'll just get more of what you " don't want". Therefore the bump should have stayed there or even get bigger according to LOA rules.

    second, she didn't say that she put any "feelings" behind it. That Love, that Joy you're supposed feel when you visualize something or have an intention. You're supposed to feel good because You "already" have it which brings me to....

    number three, where she says that she imagined the bump going down and disappearing. Again, according to LOA you're supposed to already feel like you have it, like it's already there. Not that it's going down and disappearing. It's already gone!

    Now people, what i'm trying to get at is that this lady used more her " subconscious " than LOA  or maybe a combination.That's where you have to get to.That's where the changes really start to happen." Your Subconscious" . The thing is, is that it takes a little while to get there and change a " belief" or " program ". Usually takes about a month or so to reprogram it or change a belief. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE>>> through hypnosis, or meditation,or a Super 100% " NO DOUBT ABOUT IT" BELIEF.

    ,I think you all have heard of MPD " multiple personality disorder" patients. Now this is documented, but doctors are still baffled about it. When a patient changes their personality into another one, that personality can appear with different color eyes than the previous . It's documented that even scars or moles may disappear depending on the personality in control. Sists and other diseases disappear and appear. There's even a case where the patient had diabetes but when another personality appeared, that personality no longer had diabetes, his symptoms were gone. I don't even wanna start talking about the lady that didn't eat or drink water for 35 YEARS and remained in perfect health. AND THIS IS ALL DOCUMENTED PEOPLE......

    so if you still doubt.... there's gotta be something wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Now I know that these patients have almost instantaneous manifestations and that's because their "subconscious" changes instantaneously. If we could change our subconscious instantaneously, we would have instantaneous manifestation too, but we can't, so it take a little longer for us, BUT IT IS POSSIBLE PEOPLE...

    my conclusion is probably using a combination of LOA and reaching the "subconscious" because it's very important to FEEL GOOD.ALL THE TIME, TO FEEL THAT LOVE THAT"S AROUND US ALL THE TIME.....       

    so remember... doubt is our biggest enemy so when that doubt comes lurking in your head.... YOU TELL IT TO GO FUCK ITSELF!!!! YOU DON'T NEED IT..... 

    I could go on and on but i'm out a time.


    p.s. Oh yeah and this lady from this thread changed her subconscious pretty fast, only a couple of weeks. I'm gonna try it and let you know how it went....

    • People get too caught up in that rule about negatives. The universe doesn't work with words, it works with intention. So if you're saying "I don't have any problems" and you are really feeling it, it works. Also, some authors say it's better to visualize the PROCESS step by step. Because the next step is 'closer' to your current reality and therefor easier to attract.

    • I found an interesting thread that you lot maybe interested in reading In that article about Mental Imagery that lady mentioned using a white light right? So that probably made her love her nose and positive for a change I don't know.

  • Read this interesting article below, has a story about this lady who changed her nose through law of attractions its really interesting.


    You can send your photo of your nose into and they can edit your photo for you. The cheapest would most likely be editing it yourself.


  • heard of it. but why use it when we have the law of attraction helping us. 


    I beleive its just a tool that makes us beleive that it will change our nose. I am not sure if it has worked for anyone or not. But i am sure if it has worked for them they must have a stronger faith that it would work.




  • I bought nose magic because their the only ones that offer western union which is an optional payment method, without credit cards or pay pal. No my nose hasn't changed within 2 weeks. Anyway, I bought this product and used it since 27 September. So, I really want to keep high hopes on it! I'm thinking about blending my Nose Magic technique with the Law of Attraction technique. There is only one nose magic review I agree with, but not the rest.

  • I've heard of that device  but I also think it wouldn't work......Why torturing your poor nose with such procedures :)..... Law of attraction is better i guess although I personally haven'r managed to change any features of mine.


    What I've noticed though is that when I am feeling happy or when I am having a lot of fun I am starting to feel and look much better and people notice it too.

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