Nose progress with pics :)

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted here.

Here is my two-month nose progress, I am going after a smaller more upward nose. I'm not there yet but definitely seeing some progress so I thought I would post them here to motivate you guys :)

Note that the first pic is not my initial nose state, it was more bulging and "meatier" than this. Unfortunately i couldn't post older pics of it because I lost my old phone which contained my older pics.

Nose progress.jpg

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  • Thanks :)

  • I see a definite difference, I decided to look at the picture first before reading to guess your goal and I was point on which means there is a definite difference that is so obvious. Just wanted to give an honest opinion, love your progress. Your tip has gotten smaller and nose has gotten shorter. Congratssss!!!!
  • Thanks :)

  • You're welcome :)

  • Wonderful progress. I definitely see the differences! Thanks for the info on how you did this, as well!

  • Nice progress! Congrats :)

  • I do nothing, it's actually when I got tired of trying to find a technique and forgot about it that changes started to appear. There are no techniques all you need to do is have faith that whatever change you want to have is possible and let your cells do the rest of the work, absolutely nothing else is required of you. When you have a limiting or negative thought dismiss it or distract yourself with something else but never argue with it no matter how tempting that is because giving it attention is what keeps it reoccurring in your mind. There is also this video of Abraham Hicks called influencing body cells I would listen to occasionally it is really empowering and helped me a lot to shift my thinking in the realm of changing physical appearance.

    • Thankyou so much great info! and again congrats :)

  • Wow congrats! May I ask what you do specifically to make the changes that you have made?

  • Thanks :)

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