Not feeling ready to be sexy

I do want to change my physical appearance. I want to be more charismatic and sharp as well. I've just realized I don't feel ready to be sexy. Mainly because I'm struggling with the possibility of being bisexual. I just hate the idea of being bisexual. Especially a "sexy bisexual." I'm thinking of making my energy more masculine and predatory to avoid that label. How can I get over this block?

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  • You're so wise Ella!!

  • Explore and love thyself.

  • I'd go with looking like what you want to look like, or think of why. I have opposite issue, I'm not gorgeous, som ppl think I'm pretty imo I'm average but I want looks for me alone. Looks have nothing to do with if want to be single or bi or gay, it should make you happy. If change energy you can prolly keep ppl away if want. Altho I need to take own advice with last bit, but I'm sure u can work this out, I'd not worry about the when. Also 1 theory in a loa book I read says sometimes best things happen when at burnout, weather it be caused by boredom or otherwise. I think desiring change in itself means you are ready
  • I'm just not a fan of it. I'd rather be gay. I think being bi attracts a lot of sexual harassment. I'm trying to give myself a vibe that will attract women, but make me unapproachable to men. Right now I seem to attract creepy men. It doesn't help that I'm Latina and feminine looking. I wouldn't mind being bi if I could be white and androgynous.
  • Ain't nothing wrong with bein' bi. Nothing wrong with being attractive and bisexual.

    Bisexual just means you like 2+ doesn't say anything about what kind of person you are. It doesn't mean you're bad. It doesn't define you. It has nothing to do with your personality.

    Bisexuality is beautiful, not something you should be ashamed of.

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